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by Sal Martingano, D.C.

Nature is a perfect blend of form and function. Nothing is wasted, nothing exploited and it can be counted on to be consistent. Humans are part of nature and are perfectly suited to adapt to our environment. Some of us can even excel at what we do. For example, Elton John can play the piano with perfect form and function every time but what would happen if the piano was out of tune or some keys were missing? It would sound terrible even though he has executed his music perfectly.

Health care should also respect the laws of nature. Both nature and health care should be based on function in order to provide the same goal. However health care is not consistent in its function or nature, most of the time. Trauma care in health care is superb and consistent with nature, because it is based on function. A bullet wound is a good example. The object is to remove the bullet The bullet is the interference the body has with nature. Once removed, the MD's just sit back in awe of how the body heals itself. There's nothing else for the MD to do. Unfortunately trauma care represents only 1% of total HC. The remainder of the 99% of HC is not trauma. It's about sickness and disease care. So, what's the functional component of sickness & disease?...There is none. The object is make the person FEEL better, not necessarily be better. There is no trauma to remove thus there is no function. What's left is SYMPTOMS. How do you remove symptoms? You cover them up because we don't know what the causes are. Let me make this point clearer. What causes Ulcers? Perhaps excessive stomach acids, too much stress, or a bacteria. Well, if that was true then why doesn't everyone have ulcers? They don't; therefore the pressures of too much stress, too much acids or a bad bacteria, causing ulcers, has to be incorrect because medicine should be an exacting science, it is not. Scientific evidence means that it can be faithfully duplicated and predicted, according to scientific method. However the British Medical Journal of medicine published an article by Dr. David Eddy, in 1994 that clearly stated that only 15% of scientific, medical studies are actually based on FACT. That means that it can't be faithfully duplicated 85% if the time, which of course means that what we accept as fact, in science or medicine, actually isn't. Yet we blindly follow it anyway, because we haven't been educated to opposing views, ever. In fact, the trend of thought is that if medicine can't find the answer, it isn't there. Well, I'm here to tell you that you'll never hear what I'm about to tell you from the media because what does the media know about BODY FUNCTION anyway. They only report what they are told by the medical scientists and the drug companies.

The reason why medical science can't stop ulcers is because ulcers are not treated as a trauma, therefore there is nothing to obviously remove.. There is no obvious body Function to remove or repair, as with a bullet wound. Therefore, the MD must go for the treatment of the symptom of the ulcer, not the ulcer itself. In essence, medicine is treating the pain and the stomach dysfunction of the ulcer, not the ulcer. What is the treatment? Drugs. Drugs ease the pain and discomfort of the ulcer, so you think that the ulcer is going away because you can't feel it anymore. Now all you have to do is stay away from acid type foods and the MD has satisfied your need for treatment. BUT, are the ulcers any better?...No.

Here is the big lie. Symptoms are actually part of the healing process; no symptoms, no healing. You see, somehow the body is not functioning right, in this case producing ulcers. Therefore, it tries to fix itself by going through natures own healing protocol.

1- When damage occurs in the body, Prostaglandin's are produced, which causes the sensation of pain. Pain, therefore is a symptom of Prostaglandin.

2- Prostaglandin's are also the mechanism that the body uses to "trip" the cycle of other body chemicals which causes Lucocytosis to occur (the increase of WBC for clean up and repair).

3- To speed up the repair process, the body has to raise its' temperature a little because chemical reactions use heat as a catalyst to start the process. (remember the Bunsen burner in general chemistry class? You used it to start the chemical reaction). This may produce a mild fever; another symptom

4- All of this is under the functional control of the Central Nervous System, (CNS) and must occur for healing to take place; ie. Prostaglandin's, Lucocytosis, then healing.

However, what do we do when we agreed to use drugs to treat the symptoms of the ulcer?
1- Drugs actually interrupt the healing process, by design. In the case of the ulcers, the MD prescribes an Analgesic (pain killer). The pain killer drug effectively stops the production of the Prostaglandin's, which effectively stops the pain. Therefore, without the prostaglandins, the trip mechanism for the production of other body chemicals, including the Lucocytosis, which IS the protocol for body healing, simply does not occur.

We have been taught that the biggest danger of drugs are the side effects therefore we have diverted our attention from proper healing protocol, to the minimizing of the side effects of the drugs. This is a very clever game the drug industry is playing. The latest medical scientific research shows that the side effects of drugs are getting less over the last 6 years and are getting safer to use. Well, this is simply not true. The drug industry has not made the drugs safer, they have found better ways of hiding the side effects. This is how it works: One component of the drug kills the pain while another component releases the same drug in a timed released fashion. Therefore the actual side effects are still there but are simply diluted over a longer period of time. This is accomplished by stopping the purging of the drug from the body. In other words, the body can't get rid of it very easily. Therefore, the drug has effectively stopped the actual natural healing process over a longer period of time. The result of this is that the ulcers simply never heal. Another good example is the continuous use of antibiotics. We have all heard that antibiotics simply don't work anymore. This has occurred because the antibiotics have effectively stopped the body from healing itself.

Remember the trauma case of the bullet wound; You remove the bullet & let the body heal itself? Well, an ulcer is not a bullet or a trauma. Therefore , there is nothing to remove so we attack the symptom instead and this is the fatal flaw in medical science. When you attack the symptom, you stop the body from healing itself. The downfall of antibiotics is for the same reason. The body has effectively stopped healing itself.
What has actually happened to us is that inspite of the recent medical scientific research, that clearly links the immune system (healing power), to the CNS, medical science has chosen to ignore it, in favor of drugs. The reason is clear; follow the money trail. Drugs make money, natural healing doesn't. What has followed, instead, is a twisted interpretation of this vital research discovery. They call it "Preventive medicine". Now this is a really scary thought. By definition, medicine treats diseases and symptoms with drugs. But in the absence of symptoms what is medicine treating, nothing! Instead of basing their treatment protocol on the mere 15% of fact they actually do have, medicine now is relying on pure guess work. For example: Tonsillectomies to prevent frequent colds. Hysterectomies to relieve PMS. Appendectomies performed during routine abdominal surgeries, simply because it will stop an appendix attack in later life. Or even children being put on low dose antibiotics to prevent future problems which may not ever occur. This my friends is the depth of the convictions of our medical health care system to insure that you routinely stay in a state of sickness and disease thinking. Use drugs for everything which will ultimately dismantle the natural healing process of the body, insuring "cradle to grave" medical care. Is this really prevention, I don't think so.
The main points to of this discussion are that:

1- Only 1% of medicine (emergency trauma care) is superbly suited for medical care because trauma care seeks a functional change in the body, ie. Remove the bullet and let the body heal itself.

2- 99% of medicine is a trial and error system (15% based on scientific fact),
because its based on symptoms not function, therefore outside intervention must be utilized to change the bodies natural healing system.

So why then do we follow the least effective path 99% of the time? Because that's the way we have always done it and we do not know any different; which is exactly how traditional medicine wants it to be.
Chiropractic is the antithesis of medical care. It spends 100% of its time in body function. Therefore, it is totally congruent with natural laws, not necessarily scientific laws. If all the research points to the natural immune system being controlled by the CNS and is affected adversely by interference's in this nerve flow, then it only follows that correcting the nerve interference's is the key to a properly functioning immune system and therefore yields better health.

Here's the only conclusion that can be made from this comparison. Medicine and Chiropractic should be utilized to promote better body function. However, if trauma or emergency care is required, medicine is best; that's 1% of health care. If symptoms or disease occur, Chiropractic should be employed. Sounds ridiculous? Well not really, remember, Chiropractic is not the treatment of sickness and diseases or back aches and headaches, either. It is designed to remove nerve interference which always affects body healing and function. Of course, including medicine in the mix is certainly a possibility also but should not be the exclusive treatment mode. Therefore, it doesn't matter whether you display symptoms or not, trauma or not, ulcers or not. The body always will work better with a good nerve supply. And that, ladies & gentleman is the simple truth about health care and Chiropractic.

1. Flesia, J., D.C.: Passion, An audio tape series expounding on "The Predicament of the Species", Renaissance International, 1993
2. Martingano, S., D.C.: Straight Talk on Chiropractic, Exerpts of radio program, Oct. 1996

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by Sal Martingano, D.C.

Have you ever wondered how we ended up in a healthcare system that is riddled with errors and inconsistencies, priced beyond everyone's means, centered on the use of toxic chemicals and with a track record of iatrogenic injuries that is beyond the carnage of all our wars? What happened to the "first do no harm" motto of early medicine? Who has taken us from the laws of nature to the practicality and ever changing status of science? Most importantly, how have the healing arts become a government controlled issue?

These are questions, not for scholars but for the average citizen to ponder. It is an oxymoron to discuss "natural healing". Healing, by definition, is the natural process of the body improving its own health. With the advent of scientific advances and the insatiable need to speed up or circumvent natural processes, we have slowly accepted the uncertainties of today's chemical healing over time tested natural healing, much the way we embrace the logic of winning the lottery. We all know the inherent dangers of toxic chemicals, we all have heard staggering adverse statistics of modern medicine yet we have accepted these almost without question.

It makes me wonder if this blatant misuse of logic and common sense is part of the marketing strategy of a larger game. Magicians are famous for the "slight of hand"; can we be participating in an elaborate illusion where the reward is always held just beyond our grasp? It has been my practice experience to hear of families devastated by medical blunders or miscalculation only to continue in the same vein without question. We have been trained to adhere to the tenants of conventional medicine yet not question who or to what extent these tenants benefit us. I would think "brain washing" would be an acceptable reason but no one seems to be held against his or her will. So how can one explain the predicament of logic and common sense not playing a part in the demise of our health care system? People seem happy complaining about not being able to afford healthcare without huge subsistence. People often use their healthcare misfortunes as a "red badge of courage", more concerned that they are not as bad off as their neighbor. Common sense has given way to dollars and cents in our healthcare system.

I feel like we are in a "time warp" where right and wrong somehow have no meaning because of the numerous "shades of gray" in healthcare. I know you have all heard the arguments and have seen the proof of the demise of our present healthcare system yet we can't seem to move toward the logical direction of a non-chemical approach to healing. It is my opinion that there are forces at play that keep us content arguing over the type technology, the generation of new drugs or the degree of insurance coverage's and never the real problem of change. In other words we are content discussing the "candy" while the issue of running the "candy store" goes undetected.

I will present some logical statements intended to stimulate your intellect and common sense. It has been said that all things of value have to make sense. Our present healthcare system seems to lack that basic component. The resulting conclusion is that something is controlling the direction of healthcare without our permission. Until we understand that despite all the carnage and deception of our present healthcare system, continuing to stay the course is not in our best interest; but finding a better way is our only recourse to regaining control, we must act swiftly and with good conscience. Where do we start?

A- Natural healing, including Chiropractic, works with the body's ability to heal itself; with no side effects, kills no one, keeps people out of hospitals, has a proven track record of reducing Cancer, Heart Disease, Degenerative Diseases, Auto Immune Diseases and others.

Medical healing works by altering natural body healing by forcing the body to adapt to toxic chemicals. 1 ½ million people / year are hospitalized by adverse reactions to prescription drugs. 120,000+ people die each year from the chemical treatments they receive. Since modern medicine has taken over and is virtually mandated by law, Cancer has risen from 1:500 in 1950 to 1:3 in 1999; heart disease has soared, auto immune diseases like Asthma, Lupis, M.S., Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, etc. are off the charts. Vaccines are creating permanent brain injuries and death in ever-larger numbers.

1- If our government was truly interested in healing and the safety of it's people, how can they justify almost ½ million related medically induced deaths per year?

2- If our government was really interested in bringing economic sanity to health care, why do they embrace Managed Health Care, which has raised the cost of health care to $1.2 trillion? By comparison, all proven natural health care technologies and treatments combined make up only 1.9% of the total health care bill?

3- If our government was truly for medical and personal independence (our constitutional rights), why institute and mandate government programs that remove personal choices and enslave people? Ex. Medicare: Every person over 65 becomes dependent on the government entitlement programs, which discourages independent thinking.

4- If we are truly a democratic republic, why do all medical mandates stem from the "World Trade Organization", which is an international organization, instituted for the purpose of controlling world activities? Ex. W.T.O.'s medical policy: "Healing is the sole responsibility of Conventional Medicine". Any organization that opposes this thinking will experience the full deterrent of supporting agencies like the F.B.I., C.I.A., F.D.A., Social Services, I.R.S.

5- If the F.D.A. was truly established to protect us from harmful products, why have so many approved drugs been removed due to their harmful and sometimes deadly effects, only to be replaced by more harmful drugs? Why does the F.D.A. not treat natural products that are known to work without harmful effects, the same as toxic chemical drugs?

6- If health is dependent on the body better adapting to it's environment, then why are vaccines being created to stop every living adaptive process?
- Vaccines stop natural body adapting via chemicals and toxic microbes.
- If vaccines truly worked, why does the government have to mandate them with dire consequences, i.e. no shot, no school or social services taking children away
- If vaccines cause harm in up to 10% of the cases, how come the pharmaceutical companies that make them, the M.D.'s who administer them and the governmental agencies that mandate them, are totally immune from prosecution, malpractice or wrongful death claims?

These are just of a few of the questions that you should be asking yourself about your healthcare system and if you do, certain facts will become clear:

1- This system is designed to discourage "natural thinking" and dis-incentives to the open market place. Private companies can't get their products or research to the open market.

2- This system decentralizes related healthcare industries by legislating the profits out of a free enterprise system.

3- This system controls the flow of money to the industry through I.R.S. & F.T.C. regulations

4- This system slowly disarms the masses and dominates the direction of health care.

5- This system produces government entitlement programs for everything in healthcare.

6- This system forces people to get used to "someone else" paying for their health needs.

7- Once government has total control over healthcare, they can easily begin to remove more and more freedoms, very slowly under the guise of the "common good".

8- Soon you will realize that you have no freedoms left, only government programs.

I've just described the present predicament of our health care system. Does this sound like the "democracy" that our founding fathers wrote about in the Declaration of Independence and spelled out explicitly in our Constitution? I think not.

Government was never designed to "own" any part of the sovereign rights of the states or the people. It was not designed to interfere with everyday life. Government was to provide for the "Common Defense" and uphold the laws of the land.

To those of us who have studied world economics and world politics, know that what I have just described is not a random act of government coming to the aid of their people in healthcare but is the classic case of a different form of government, Socialism. Socialism is a slow, non-violent takeover of all goods and services to its people. Socialism pretends to protect and "father" its people by offering entitlement programs in all aspects of the economy for the good of the people. It slowly tries to separate and redistribute the wealth of the nation so that there is no "power base" left to bargain from. Socialism offers a government-controlled centralization of all activities (in this case managed health care) to provide for the "common good".

 Unfortunately, in the end, it leaves no room for personal freedom, the very freedom we, as a country, have fought to protect for 200 bloody years. Democratic forms of government do not seek to control but instead encourages the marketplace to set the benchmarks. This discussion is not only about healthcare but the basis of our understanding of the American healthcare system. When the American medical marketplace becomes alien to the other American economic marketplaces, one has to question why. Why destroy the competitive "insurance" marketplace in healthcare, in favor of 5 government regulated insurance giants, as is the present case in Managed Healthcare. How democratic can "controlled" insurance be? Obviously, it was not to save money, as it was presented. Medical costs have skyrocketed with the addition of governmental agency layering to complicate matters. In fact, medical doctors are mere pawns of this system needed only for their licenses to secure business profits. They are paid stipends for their services based on governmental allowances (codes). They have "mandates" as to how to practice and what to prescribe based on timetables not patient needs. Prevention is merely a euphemism for treatment. One can't practice prevention in a system requiring disease to survive.

It is my opinion that we are in the midst of a socialistic takeover of our healthcare system and perhaps other aspects of our democratic life as well. History is very clear, that those who give in to others controlling their daily lives will ultimately lose their freedoms to those forces. This is not about our medical healthcare system; it is about YOUR freedom to maintain YOUR democratic way of life. Too often discussions like this are ushered out as "conspiracy theories", by "kooks" who can't make it in society. This is the very reason why informed people rather remain silent and is the very "silent weapon" used by Socialism. I implore you think twice before you give up your freedoms in general because once gone, there is no turning back. Stand up for what is right, not what is expedient.

Government agencies have no business in healthcare. Managed health care is about the control over the money and direction in healthcare, not the healthcare. Choose your leaders wisely. The past 8 year administration was riddled with the rhetoric of non-democratic ideals. Study our history and the direction that we are presently moving toward. The inconsistencies are breathtaking. I urge all of you to take back your independence. Socialism cannot exist unless you give in to its methods.

So who really controls our healthcare system and what are the motives? I contend that we have been too busy fighting the fight to see who is really winning the war. The motives are clearly control over the wealth and power our healthcare system generates by forces outside the democracy we think is in control. Oddly enough, the answer to what can be done lies in the very reason why healthcare became an economic entity. Natural healing, even with the aid of scientific advances, is the only defense against government interference. The fact is that the financial gains of the vast pharmaceutical reserves and resources are no different than the vast energy reserves and resources. Those who control the reserves and resources, control the masses. By reducing the financial gains of pharmaceuticals by their judicious usage only, will run counter to the present agenda of socialism. Without the huge profit factors at stake, the marketplace can once again bring prices and services into balance. Without the controlling factors required for socialism to take over; when the distribution of wealth no longer has a vehicle of implementation, Socialism ceases to exist. The interesting part is that all this can take place without the average person even knowing what is happening. Things that are natural need not be defined. Whether it's healthcare freedom or financial freedom, following the course of nature will always bring balance to those who practice.

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by Sal Martingano, D.C.

I suppose all of you, by now, are aware that private Insurance is out and Managed Care is in. Unfortunately, very few people have been privy to the actual reasons for why this ocurred. Mountains of literature now exists that exposes the real motives behind Managed Care. Our office has been educating the public for nearly one year to the real story behind this so called, "health care crisis". In short, health care reform and the resulting Managed Care companies were created by the five largest insurance companies in America, in cooperation with the Pharmaceutical Industry. The purpose was to drive out all local, state and private interests in health care and replace it with a controlled managed mega health care agency. This agency would be under the direct control of the U.S. government itself. Hillary Clinton was merely a figurehead to present the plan to America. Managed Care will replace the present $890 billion present health care system with a $2 Trillion governmental monopoly, by 1998.

The purpose of this article is to prepare you for what will happen to alternative, primary, health care professions like Chiropractic and how it will effect you. In the last two years, study after study like the Manga Report, the New Zealand Study, the Henderson Report and others have documented beyond a shadow of a doubt, that the inclusion of Chiropractic in ANY health care reform system will dramatically enhance its outcome while significantly lowering the overall health care bill. Chiropractic is a far less expensive, ethical and effective form of health care for all people. However, the powers to be choose to ignore these reports because they go against the present medical "disease care" model we now have. In fact, Chiropractic effectively eliminates the incredible expensive pharmaceutical industry and most of the massive medical testing facilities that now exist. Think about it, do we really need 31 MRI centers in Orlando alone? This of course makes the present medical and drug industries very nervous. Chiropractics' purpose, however, is not to eliminate drugs or medical doctors because of course they can be life saving and necessary. We are just trying to eliminate the incredible waste and overkill that exists in our medical system. Therefore, the real reason why we have been eliminated from most Managed Care plans, or have limited access to these plans, is because we are not medical, do not add money to or can be controlled by the A.M.A.

Florida implemented its own version of Managed Health Care in 1992, which was supposed to serve as a model for the country. By turning the control of health care back to the medical model and the Pharmaceuticals companies, the dominant controller over YOUR health care needs would be the government, not you and your doctor. Your democratic rights to freedom of choice, to do as you please with your money and health care wishes are of no consequence to the administration. In case you haven't noticed yet, very quietly, every aspect of American life is being "regulated" or "reformed" to disarm your democratic, constitutional rights, in favor of strict government controls. Health care represents 1/7 of our national budget and if it were under Government control along with Social Security and Medicare, the Government would control a full majority of our wealth. For those who have to be reminded, that's socialism in its purest form.
Most Managed Care plans do not include Chiropractic, unless their medical doctor approves it. Therefore a medical GATEKEEPER was established, since you are evidently not smart enough to decide for yourself. Florida Managed Care groups can have one or two token Chiropractors on their plan for each County. So if you live in Palm Bay but your approved Chiropractor is in Cocoa, that's where you'll have to go. That's not a choice at all!

We at the Family Center for Chiropractic, say NO, enough is enough! Why do we have to participate in such nonsense? We have had a family based, H.M.A. (Health Made Affordable) plan for many years, that provides unlimited Chiropractic health care benefits, to you and/or your family. The cost of this plan is a fraction of your present insurance coverage inclusive of your deductibles. The majority of our practice has opted to utilize this plan, which effectively puts you back in control of your health care needs, your money and your constitutional rights to true freedom of choice. The HMA plan provides for unlimited visits for a low set fee, for a period of time; no deductibles, no reports, no hassles! The problem arises that soon there will be no insurance coverages, as you now know them. You will be forced to align with a Managed Care Group which will most likely have limited access to Chiropractic care, or choices of Chiropractors. With times changing as fast as they are and with such impunity, it is important to keep in mind that the purpose of health care is to serve the people, not build a mega empire for the drug market, or put Government in control over your health care..

Our present H.M.A. plan has been simplified to include an all inclusive, maximum benefit plan, at the least expensive rate. Maintenance care represents the closest thing to true preventive health care. Maintaining ones health IS the ideal situation, unfortunately our medical system frowns on maintaining good health. Have you ever tried to utilize your health insurance to maintain your good health? You can't because you are only covered for named illnesses or diseases. The survival of Chiropractic care as you now know it depends on our ability to understand Managed Health Cares limitations, then adopt for the right measures to get out of disease care thinking and into a wellness based program, like Chiropractic. We are committed to providing quality care to our patients. So "Take The Plunge" and see how Chiropractic care can be both effective and affordable.

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by Sal Martingano, D.C.

When did we decide to give up our right to self determination in health care? To answer this question, one needs to look only to the economic structure of our "free enterprise" system. Health care, back at the turn of the century, meant emergency treatment for illness, disease or trauma. Medical Doctors were revered as healers, who were treated with respect but held no more special status than any other necessary profession. One uses his services, one pays for his services. At some point in time, around the 1930's and coming out of the great depression, were mental attitudes of great "master mind" groups that realized the potential of using someone else's money, time, expertise and skills, to develop the insurance concept in health care. That is, use someone else's money to pay for services in someone else's profession, to capitalize on the time management opportunities of financial marketing. The health care industry was selected because they could easily persuade people to "fear" to the rising costs of health care for their families. Fear is easy to sell because whether real or perceived, it forces people to react, not act. Fear is really an acronym for False Evidence Appearing Real. There was no real rising cost of health care until the insurance industry created the need to raise costs. Suddenly, other entrepreneurs realized they could capitalize on this new market, by creating the "STUFF" that would raise the cost of doing business in health care. It is true that the industrial revolution and the great strides in scientific research also played a part in raising the cost of doing business but it also created the markets, jobs and professions, to pay for the increases. However, free enterprise, being what it is, also created the situation where suddenly the medical community was thrust into a technological war of "who can do it better, faster and with how much stuff". The result was that the cost of health care grew disproportionate to the actual product being produced. In other words we have an inflated health care system. For example, if a simple testing procedure yielded a desired result, do we really need five other ways of yielding the same result? Do we really need 37 MRI machines in the city of Orlando Florida, when Canada functions quite well with three MRI machines for the entire country? The answer is that the insurance will pay for them. That means that any doctor can request all these tests and procedures, if he feels there is a need. The average patient is totally ignorant about the modern world of health care and will simply go along with the Dr.'s request, as long as insurance will pay for it. Hence, the entire infrastructure of the health care community reaps the profits from the game the insurance companies created. For over forty years, this game of covering more STUFF by creating more FEAR, has gone unchallenged. However, recently, the goose that laid the golden insurance egg, has realized that the game has backfired. You see, at one point, the third party pay system meant that the insurance companies could reap huge profits by collecting great sums of premiums on services never performed. Since the health care game has now grown to 18% of the national debt, the excess STUFF is draining the financial resources. As a result, the insurance companies are claiming "foul". The second largest financial resource in this country is the insurance industry, second only to the the U.S. treasury. The truth is that over 90+% of insurance profits have gone to investments, not health care services. Since services have grown dramatically, the aggressive investment money making ventures of the insurance industry has been stifled or stopped. Austerity spending has become the new buzz word in the industry. Special pleas to the U.S. Government have been made to help curtail the raising cost of health care. After creating the very problem of higher health care costs, the insurance industry is now asking for help to contain it. To the estute observer, however, crying poverty to the American public, is simply a slick way of allowing the President to act, in behalf of our country, to tie health care costs into the deficit. The result is that the insurance industry avoids having to tell the truth; they created a monster. Having a keen understanding of the term Managed Care is quite important, since the question really is, Who's managing Who? Billary Clinton is asking all health care providers to adhere to a prepared guideline of standard of care and cost containment, essentially without the input of the health care providers. The insurance carriers are selectively not covering certain services or providers, based on what they dictate in their policies. Private corporations are selectively designing large policies, thus reducing the incentives for insurance carriers to cover individual families. The result is that our practices are now being managed by other industries, who now want to lead the country back on the straight and narrow. My response is No Thank You...I don't recall my licences requiring me to be managed by someone else. I don't recall these industries offering to share in the professional liabilities they will create. Managed care forces chiropractors to stretch the truth about what to say to patients when asked about their care. No chiropractor can say "Mrs. Jones in 6 visits you will be healed". The Innate Intelligence of the body doesn't work that way. Am I being responsible to abandon my procedures because of insurance? Who's the doctor anyway? The point here is, if you intend to follow Managed Care guidelines, you will have a revolving door practice with no retention or continuity. Your referral network will drop an you will not likely witness the miracles of Innate healing we are so accustomed too. We will not be able to take care of children unless they have a named disease. In essence, with Managed Care in Chiropractic, the short term goal of reduced health care costs will only lead to increased sickness and disease, which is exactly what the Managed Care designers want. You see, the Who of Managed Health Care are the health care providers that medical health insurance was designed for; the Medical Doctor. Remember, Medical Doctors don't get paid unless you get sick. Chiropractors do not treat sickness as MD's do, therefore we are playing in the wrong program. Let's not reinvent the wheel. Insurance created the market for technology. Technology created the need for higher health care costs. The Medical profession needs lots of technology (Stuff), therefore, the Medical profession needs insurance. Chiropractors can easily function without technology. Chiropractors need technology by choice, not necessity. Therefore, Chiropractic doesn't need insurance or Managed Care. Speaking for myself, Managed Care is the perfect opportunity for private entrepreneurs to develop a chiropractic or Alternative health care insurance market, where the incentive is not to create more technology but to bring Chiropractic care to everyone who seeks it. Why bow to a token gesture of Managed Care, when we can strive to be financially independent of medical boundaries, medical codes, medical dollars and medical thinking. Remember the lessons of our past. The closer we get to medical thinking, the closer we get to extinction.

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by Sal Martingano, D.C.

To be quite blunt, Managed Health Care is in direct conflict with our Constitution. It infringes on our freedom of choice, our freedom of free enterprise, our freedom to make our own decisions in health care and borders on lunacy. Managed health care makes us partners with governmental agencies. Bill Clinton recently stated that because of the increased costs in health care, he feels that government needs to be our partner, to help offset the costs. What he is really suggesting is that by becoming partners with the government in health care, we become dependent on government help and assistance. Well, excuse me, I don't remember learning in my American Government classes that the government was supposed to help pay for any part of our lives, do you? The role of government is to set foreign policy, control and print currency, provide for a common defense and govern the constitutional laws of our democratic society. When government becomes partners in our lives, we no longer have a democracy; we have Socialism. It's beyond me why so much of our population hasn't realized this. However, knowing something about governments in general, I do know that the philosophy of a Socialistic government is to slowly befriend the people it governs, win their confidence, then slowly remove their freedoms, one at a time. For example, when welfare was formed, is was to help the less fortunate and jobless left over by the great depression and the war. The government, therefore, was befriending its' people. However, when prosperity returned, government run welfare remained, thus taking away their right to self determination, under the guise of compassion. Over time, those on welfare found no incentive in leaving a system that paid them as long as they were jobless and raised their families at the expense of the taxpayers. Now, some four to five decades later, welfare is a socialistic institutional part of our lifestyle. To go back now is like going to war against your own people. This is exactly what will happen to our health care system, if we allow managed health care to continue. We will become so dependent on governmental assistance that the government will have to grow exponentially.
It is not the function of government to pay for its' peoples needs, its' function is to govern. Therefore, the cost of running a government should be lean but adequate. In 1950, 2% of our income went to running the government. In 1995, 26% of our income goes to running the government plus we're carrying a debt into the trillions. It is common for European socialistic governments to control a 90% tax base on its' people. In other words, the closer we get to government support (partnership), the less democratic freedoms we maintain. Our present managed health care system is but one example. It is my opinion that we are on a direct collision course with Socialism if we don't take back the control of our hard fought Democratic freedoms.
Recently, special prosecutor Kenneth Starr secretly announced that indictments will be handed down to many of the Clinton political family, after the 1996 elections. Included, is Hillary Clinton for her roll in multiple acts of obstruction of justice and most of all, for her being an alleged liar and accomplice in presenting fraudulent information about health care reform, to influence you into thinking that our health care needs to be managed. I'm sorry, but disingenuous behavior by a presidential political party that wants to control (be partners) in our health care system, reeks of Socialism.

The deteriorating and threatening effects of Managed Care are currently being experienced by many health care providers. A review of your recent "explanation of Benefits" statement from your insurance company can clearly demonstrate "managed" care at its best. Your doctor's bill is submitted and processed with an amount deducted from the usual fee due to the policy provisions. In addition, this amount is not to be billed to you if the doctor is a provider for your health care network. Well, if this is supposed to reduce your health care costs, why has there been a 24% increase in all premiums for health insurance and why are you paying a larger co-payment? I can summarize another example that has occurred, which demonstrates the effects of managed care on the Chiropractic profession. A patient of mine wanted to continue care with me after changing over to a managed care group. He was forced to go out of his new group and pay a penalty consisting of a 50/50 split insurance to cash, instead of the usual 80/20 split. His visits were approved, then were suddenly denied after the fact by his medical gatekeeper, who claimed that after careful review, his treatment was considered "medically unnecessary". This required him to repay the group $120 "immediately or be sent to collections". I investigated the case and found that the medical gatekeeper was, in fact, a nurse, and not a doctor at all. In my demand for review in this case, it was my right and was the correct venue for approval to be initially approved by a Chiropractor, however after speaking to the groups Chiropractor, he admitted never seeing the file. The conclusion was that my patient, paid $500/mo. for his coverage's, had to go outside his group and be penalized for seeing me, needed and was denied permission to continue care due to the discretion of a nurse gatekeeper and had to pay an additional $20 co-pay per visit, only to be told that his visits were "medically unnecessary" and owes the managed group $120, immediately. We have to be crazy to go along with a system like this, yet since it has the blessings of our partner, the government, what recourse do we have? Our recourse has to be swift and unified. The best way to participate in a system like this, is NOT to participate!

Besides the delivery of the health care system itself, there is one additional area of concern to deal with, health care fraud. It is estimated by the Commissioner of Insurance, in my state of Florida, Bill Nelson, that up to $1,400 per year, per person, goes to health care insurance premiums, just to cover fraud. I got a call from a vendor who sells Ergonomic chairs. These chairs were incredible, space age type office chairs perfectly suited for those who sat most of the day. Of the six models presented, I asked how much the mid range chair would cost? The sales rep. Responded "insurance pays $1,345 for this chair". I said, oh really. Shocked by the cost, I decided to test his commitment. I responded, "I have a patient who really wants to buy that chair but he doesn't have insurance. Is there a cash price for the chair"? There was a moment of silence, followed mean he wants to pay cash? Yes, I said. Well, if he pays cash, the cost is $695. Once again, shocked, I responded..oh really, how come insurance pays $1,345 for the same chair? Another moment of silence, followed by... "well, insurance sets the prices for these chairs". I said, "I thought you set the prices for your chairs"? He responded, "I do but insurance is different". My final response was, "in other words, I'm ripping off the insurance company almost $700 or I should say, you are ripping off the insurance company by having a multiple fee system"? The conversation deteriorated after that but the point is, can you see how easy it is to rip off an insurance company which causes them to ultimately raise premiums?
Well, before you break out the handkerchief, consider this. If I'm smart enough to recognize this obvious insurance rip off, don't you think the insurance companies recognize this also? They do, but here is the ultimate conclusion to be made. As long as our government makes you believe that you need them as partners in health care, due to the ever rising costs and that only the government can properly manage our health care system, the stage has been set for the ultimate health care rip-off. In effect, the government and the insurance companies are in partnership with each other, in ripping us off, by allowing these outrageous prices to be paid by insurance companies. The reasoning is that if government has to step in to help pay for increasing costs, including obvious fraud, then tax rate increases and insurance premium increases, are justified.

One needs to be philosophical about this to truly understand its implications. It has been said that "absolute power corrupts absolutely". We are in the midst of a silent take over of our precious freedoms. It would be prudent to review American history 101 and World history 101. Democratic freedom is redundant. Socialistic freedom is an oxymoron. Don't be willing to sell your freedom for "a few pieces of silver". Stand up for what's right not what's expedient. Health care is but a "pawn" in the game for control. The ultimate test is to use our democratic freedom to keep socialism in "check", for once "checkmate" has been achieved, our children will read about our health care era as "the great American rip-off".

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By Sal Martingano, D.C.

Articles like the one reported in the 10-8-98 issue of Florida Today: "Study: Little benefit to chiropractic treatment", appear, at least once or twice a year; usually on the heels of pro-chiropractic research study. I am always amazed that the difficult task of reporting the true benefits of chiropractic care is decided upon by people who have absolutely no training or understanding of the profession; unless we consider "The Associated Press" experts in chiropractic.
First, let me set the record straight. Chiropractic is not the treatment or cure for any disease process, nor is it a replacement or sub-set of medicine. Chiropractic works with the body's natural healing abilities, by addressing the interference of mental impulses that travel through the central nervous system and out to all parts of the body. The proper function of the spinal column is the source of our non-medical approach to health care. Traditional science, unfortunately has not yet found the way to explain what we do, let alone analyze the magnitude or the results we achieve. How pompous it is to denounce what it can't explain.

Unfortunately, this is not the forum to discuss the multifaceted complexity of this topic but when one considers that there are over 100 million more visits to non-traditional health care providers each year than to traditional practitioners, one has to question the efficacy of the "associated press" article. In the Oct 5, 1991 edition of The British Medical Journal, researcher David Eddy, professor of Health Policy and Management at Duke University reported: (The Poverty of Medical Evidence…Where is the wisdom,) "only 15% of all medical interventions, as reported in medical journals, are supported by solid scientific evidence. This is partly because only 1% of the articles in medical journals are scientifically sound." I guess the "associated press" missed that one.

There is a preponderance of "medical" research proving that chiropractic is the most appropriate "treatment" for low back pain but this too, is shortsighted. If chiropractic care can restore proper nerve integrity to the lower spine, equating to the removal of the "cause" of the low back pain, then how much scientific evidence is needed to also reason that when proper nerve integrity is restored to ANY spinal nerve, proper body function to the body will likely occur? We are treating scientific evidence as if it is the absolute last word, when it is merely the observation of what it can describe.

Traditional medicine is being challenged every day. Antibiotics are doing more harm than good. The American Medical News, Jan. 15, 1996 reports: drug induced injuries 'killed' 198, 815 people in 1996 and put an additional 8.6 million people in the hospital which accounts for up to 28% of all hospital admissions. The Public Citizen May/June 1994 reports medical malpractice "kills" 80,000 people per year or one every 7 minutes and is the 3rd leading cause of preventable deaths in the U.S. The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) Dec. 1994 reported that 2% of all admissions that enter the hospital, die from the treatment of their disease or illness.

The practice of medicine is infinitely more dangerous than chiropractic by virtue of what is done. Medicine often deals with life and death issues and is best suited for emergency treatment and disease related conditions but has little to offer in the way of treatment for non-disease related nerve conditions. Nerve interference affects the body both sympathetically and autonomically (the functioning of vital organs). Chiropractors remove nerve interference which helps restore vital nerve flow to ALL parts of the body. I'm sorry that science hasn't yet proven what's already been written in any physiology text; "the body works better with a good nerve supply."

I deplore the "cheap shot" approach to reporting research. I would be happy to discuss, in depth, the research, treatment or philosophy of chiropractic with anyone from the associated press who wants to learn the truth. If chiropractic was no more effective that a $1.00 pamphlet about low back pain, then it isn't saying much for the millions of satisfied patients over the last 100 years. I didn't realize Americans were that gullible.

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Pertinent Literature Review

Errors in Medicine- Dr. Lucian Leape JAMA Dec. 21 1994 Vol. 272
· Schimmel- 20% of patients admitted to university hospital suffered iatrogenic injury
· 180,000 die each year from iatrogenic injuries. Equivalent of 3 jumbo jets every 2 days.

Drug Related Injuries, each year- American Medical News, Jan.15 1996
· Drug injuries cost as much as $182 billion / yr.
· Drug induced injuries killed 198,815 people
· Drug related incidents put 8.6 million people in hospital
· Accounts for up to 28% of all hospital admissions
· 1,600 children will die from allergic reaction to aspirin

Causes of Preventable Death in U.S.- Public Citizen, May / June 1994
1. Cigarette smoking
2. Alcohol
3. Medical Malpractice (80,000 deaths per year or one every 7 minutes)
4. Traffic fatalities
5. Firearms

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by Sal Martingano, D.C.

For nearly 100 years, the "subluxation" has been the focus of many debates within our profession. The mere concept of a vertebrae moving from its normal position seems ominous enough. However, to combine that movement with the resulting impingement of a spinal nerve or even torsional intra-cord pressure, can only result in body disfunction. How often have we heard those words repeated over the years. Some in our profession still debate the existence of the subluxation. However, we seem to agree that when the nerve or cord is compromised, the body will suffer. Therefore, it's also a fair assumption to say that the body will ALWAYS work better with a full nerve supply than one that is interfered with. We have been taught in our schools that the subluxation is not necessarily a radiographic finding since the third component of the subluxation, "the interference of nerve flow to the body", can not be seen on film. It is a clinical finding.

 However, many of our management firms and specialty seminar programs refer to the radiographic presence of the subluxation. The work of "Rennasiance" coined the phrase the "subluxation complex", which clearly delineates the five working components that must result if a subluxation is present, yet they do not discuss its radiographic presence. The subluxation, as described in chiropractic philosophy, as corrected by the art of Chiropractic and the subluxation as documented by the science of Chiropractic, has been gaining notoriety even in medical circles. Many of our medical friends, who are also recipients of chiropractic care themselves, are taking notice that when subluxations are corrected, through adjusting, people not only feel better but they are better. They are noticing that when subluxations are removed, by the adjustment, the body heals from the inside out, without risk of side effects. However, it would be naive to conclude that the medical profession will suddenly disregard their drugs in lieu of chiropractic care.
The "science" of medicine is inseparable from drugs and surgery. Slowly, however, the concept of subluxation correction is making its presence known. Many osteopaths, who for years have lost sight of their origins, have gained renewed insight into "manipulation" as part of their medical practice. We must all recognize that many new techniques, ideas and theories have developed over the years, in an attempt to better implement our chiropractic philosophy. Along the way, however, why must we repeat the same mistakes that our allopathic friends have made? New ideas stimulate growth. Medical research has pummelled us with documentation, of their newest and their best theories, for years. Yet one quick look at last years newest breakthrough, reveals some new horrors for this years physicians. Our profession has always been criticized, by researchers, that the theory of the subluxation complex, is just that; a theory. However, when looking at the magnitude of medical breakthroughs, we come to the same conclusions. Not a single breakthrough has ever been proven. So, I ask you, why can't we learn from our mistakes?

The astute reader of recent medical literature, has shown an overwhelming interest in manipulative therapy. In fact, due to their dismal failure in dealing with spinal problems, manipulation has now become a limited "buzz word" in medicine. But we all know that "manipulation" and "adjusting" are not one in the same. The insurance industry, on the other hand, has cleverly merged the two words to have us believe they are. The Medical Profession only talks about manipulation in a cursory fashion for joint mobilization, without mention of nerve interference. Chiropractically, proper spinal alignment is a prerequisite for proper nerve flow. The actual adjustment to correct spinal misalignments is not a luxury, but a necessity. Medically, proper spinal alignment is of course desirable, but spinal misalignment, in most cases, is considered no more than a normal variant.

Nearly 10 years ago, I remember listening to a chiropractic speaker, who described the future of chiropractic, as being the newest discovery of the medical profession. His premise was that once we have totally destroyed what we now have, by fighting over who is more correct in our profession, the medical profession will reconstruct the pieces and call it their own. The question is does it pay to argue over word meanings or past concepts? Does it really matter if we compromise our professions objectives somewhat, in order to be more "user friendly" in the insurance industry? Should it really concern us to allow the slow erosion of our basic principles, as a distinct health care profession, in order to satisfy what the majority in our profession sees as progress?

Well, if you have mixed feelings about this topic, then consider the following real life example. Have you ever had an x-ray film analyzed by a medical radiologist? It's truly a unique experience when in their report, they state that there are no fractures, no pathologies and no subluxations present. The first time I read this was on films taken of an accident case. The cervical spine was in total kyphosis, five of the seven cervical vertebrae demonstrated severely compromised facet joints. Flexion view revealed blatant "kinking" of C5 on C6. Spinal stenosis was evident along with an extremely inferior atlas, with the posterior arch less than 1mm from the base of the occiput. I was in shock by the radiologists report of a normal cervical study. I immediately called the radiologist who explained that "Subluxation" is a medical term that describes a gross misalignment of at least 3mm between adjacent bone surfaces. Further discussion revealed that the vertebral segments need to be close to dislocation before it will be considered subluxated. The radiologist denied any relationship, except a casual one, of vertebral movement to nerve pressure. When asked why he suddenly is using the term subluxation instead of other descriptors he has, he replied that it best describes the vertebral condition for film interpretation. Trying to maintain my composure, I explained the Chiropractic definition of the "subluxation" and its correction, is the hallmark of a chiropractic practice. The use of this word for nearly 100 years, is unique to the chiropractic profession. My final comment was that if medical subluxations were so indefinite and rarely occur, why mention that they are not present? The point to be made here is that by not challenging the radiologist in his "no subluxations" statement, allows the insurance industry to reject our chiropractic diagnosis of subluxation, simply because the radiologist report claims there are no subluxations.

Surely, both professions have the right to call subluxations what they wish but why give the already cunning insurance industry more ammunition. I implore all chiropractors on this planet to pay attention to what is happening to us. Without firing a single shot, we are losing our identity each time we allow subtle terminology errors to go unchallenged. Think of what the Medicare system has done to our profession. They are requiring us to document the diagnosis of subluxation, by providing objective parameters and a timely plan of action. Not, in itself, a difficult thing to do but when coupled with the current debate over whether the subluxation should really be a part of modern chiropractic philosophy at all, this gives a confusing message to a world that is watching. Are there any fundamental terminology differences between manipulating and adjusting, between therapy, interchangeably used with the chiropractic adjustment, between Chiropractic medicine and chiropracTIC. If your answer is no, then you had better be prepared to find a new profession. Once the distinct differences between medicine and chiropractic disappear, so will chiropractic. If you feel that the word "subluxation" is no longer necessary in chiropractic, then you are allowing the slow erosion of our profession. If manipulation is to be accepted and is soon to be considered a medical adjunct, then how long will it be before we receive an insurance E.O.B., stating that manipulation is not a covered chiropractic service? If you are happy with musculo/skeletal sprain/strains as a diagnosis, then how long will it take for insurance carriers to realize that medical doctors treat this condition also and wipe us out due to duplication of services? Most self insured insurance carriers are already setting their standards for how long and for what they will cover. If we, as chiropractors, dare to provide a truly unique medical service to our patients, (which, by the way, many in our profession feel we should because of its common domain), we would be bordering on the practice of medicine without a license. Yet, when medical doctors decide to discover the manipulation in earnest, as they inevitably will, would they be practicing chiropractic without a license? Of course not, we already established that there was no difference between the manipulation and the adjustment.

Now of course, with everyone bastardizing our procedures, where will that leave the majority in our profession? How loud will they yell..."FOUL". It's not the renegade few that are trying to convert our profession back to "old time chiropractic", its a group within our profession with the insight not to repeat past mistakes but instead insure our distinct profession. Well, I for one say...wake up Doctors! Let's come up with solutions, not rhetoric. Let's try to combine our talents into a unified cause that is apart from internal maneuvering. We are so intent on destroying ourselves through Straight vs Mixer, Mercy vs Windham, SCASA vs CCE, ICA vs ACA vs WCA issues, that we are allowing concessions in terminology and principle to slip by. Before allowing the insurance industry to write us out, why not seek a comprehensive chiropractic insurance plan. Surely, with the millions of people we all see collectively, some enterprising insurance company can see opportunity. The time has never been better to seek such goals. Our new political powers have no desire to debate chiropractic. They have made it clear that their mission, is to cut health care claims. The more you allow compromise into your services for that ever decreasing insurance dollar, the closer you will come to extinction.

Stand up and be part of what it takes to keep our independence. Start now to implement family based health care programs, intensive care program for trauma cases or other programs that will make us less dependent on Medical Health Insurance. I have no problem with the development of standards of care but would the Mercy or Windham Conferences have been so hastily put together if the threat of insurance loss was not eminent? Our present administration doesn't even mention chiropractic in his health care agenda, so with the stroke of a pen, we can be eliminated regardless of our new standards, testimonials and research, documenting our effectiveness. I am simply asking all of our leaders, organizations and schools to take a step back and see the BIG PICTURE. I am only one voice, with one practice and a burning desire to fight for our profession. Recently, I have seen attempts to create a "chiropractic only" form of health insurance. I propose that we put our collective monies where it counts; into public education and an independent comprehensive Chiropractic Health Insurance Program, that is based on true chiropractic practices and principles. Let's use its acronym, C.H.I.P., to give us a reason to chip in and save our profession. The public is hungry for an alternative to traditional health care that works and that they can afford. C.H.I.P. may set a standard that "Mercy" never counted on. I'm tired of fighting a battle that we can never win. All the standards in the world can not insure our independence, as a health care profession, when the world of health care beats to a different drum. Either we see the BIGGER PICTURE, or the BIG IDEA will be nothing more than a anecdote in some medical journal.

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By Sal Martingano, D.C.  

1-    What do you really know about health care?

-          Only what we are told by the AMA and the Pharmaceutical Industry.

-     Only what we hear on radio and TV (Media) but who pays for the   advertisements...The Pharmaceutical Industry.

2- Do we really have a health care system or a disease care system?

-          You can’t use your HC system unless you are sick.

-          There is no money in “health”, only “ill health”

-          Drugs therapy is the primary treatment protocol.  Drug therapy equals huge profits and job security. 

-          Natural therapies equal reduced profits and lost jobs.

-          Only conclusion is for Pharmaceutical Industry to control Natural therapy industry.  F.D.A. strong arm tactics over Nutraceutical industry.

2-    What are the tools of our HC system, i.e., what are the tools of the MD?

-          Drugs & Surgery. If not treatable by drugs or surgery you don’t have a

Problem.  Reccommendation for physical therapy, pain management or psycological evaluation.  

3-    Who really runs our HC system?

-           The AMA is the accrediting agency of for the medical profession. The FDA is the research arm of the medical profession and provides regulation and drug research by the scientists & biologists of the Parmaceutical industry.

-          Therefore the medical profession is regulated and financial dependant on the FDA & Pharmaceutical industry,  who really run our health care system.    

4-    What is the FDA?

-          Food & Drug Administration

-          Appointed by the Federal Gov’t, not elected. 

-          The FDA answers to no-one. The president of FDA is as powerful as any high government official. 

-          Retired FDA employees often become CEO’s of the very drug company’s

     they once regulated.

-          The FDA has no testing facilities or labs of their own, they rely on the

      research data of the Pharmaceutical companies.  

5-    Facts to Ponder:..Taken from the Archives of Internal Medicine & the C.D.C.

-          Over 100,000 people die each year, not from the disease process but from the drugs used to treat the diseases.

-          One third of the 8 million people (2.7 million) who enter the hospital each

      year, do so because of drug reactions, intended to improve their condition.

-           In 1994, Americans spent 73 billion on drugs, in 1994 Americans spent 76.6

      billion on the diseases caused by those drugs.

-          It costs every man, woman & child $600/year to keep the drug manufacturers


-          1/3 of the people who got the flu shot in 1997-98, got the flu.  New flu

     vaccines are now made from dead virus.  Result is that you can’t get flu from

     them but they don’t work either.  Viruses needs host cell to survive.  Dead

     viruses do not create antibodies. Therefore chances of catching the flu is the

     same with or without the flu shot.

-   Polio vaccine (Sabin vaccine) now back to Salk Vaccine (live vaccine)

-   Antibiotics are becoming useless due to overuse and bacteria adaptability.

-          Medical research nearly always supports drug usage, not surprising since

      nearly all medical research is funded by drug companies.

-    Vaccine literature on childhood diseases.  

6-    What was the purpose of health care reform and Managed Health Care?

-    Health care too expensive.

-    Not everyone can get health insurance.

-    Centralize the flow of HC to control its direction and costs.

n      Created 52 new agencies to oversee its operation.

n      Did away with pre-existing charging everyone in the system the added costs of assuming a pre-existing condition.

n      Created gate keepers.

n      Forced all Dr’s to follow pre-determined guidelines that are actually out of their state law guidelines and border on malpractice

n      Ex. Can only use certain Dx codes.

Can treat only by pre-determined guidelines:

-Hospital stays, certain type drugs only, the gatekeeper not the

 doctor often determines the treatment type and duration,

 according to the specific Managed Care group guides.

n      The physicians must align with as many Managed Care Groups as they can, each having different pay scales and treatment protocols.

-   Multiple fee systems are illegal yet under Managed Care its OK?

n      Managed Care is the socialization of the American health care system.

7-    How to take control?

-          Ask questions.... Don’t assume you’re getting the correct information.

-    If you’re told you need a test or procedure, ask “what if I have no insurance.”

-    Become active in the process, not “what ever you say, you’re the Doc”  

8-    The Chiropractic connection to alternative health care.

-          Chiropractic aids in the restoration of health by allowing the body to better adapt to it’s environment.

-          Chiropractors remove nerve interference, called the Subluxation Complex, that can interfere in the proper nerve impulses from the brain, through the spinal column and to every cell in the body.

-          Since the body will always adapt better to a good nerve supply, than a nerve supply that is interfered with, chiropractors simply adjust the spine to remove the subluxation complexes, then let the body heal itself.

-          No drugs, no surgeries, no side effects, only the body’s natural healing systems.

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By Sal Martingano

      I'm sure you and I have been asked many times to explain how chiropractic works. Patients are facinated by the effortless way we perform our tasks. It has been my experience however, that if you simply "fix" their problems you will be considered a "good" doctor. However, if you can satisfy their intellictual curiosity by "telling the chiropractic story" in a way they can easily relate too, you will be considered a "great" doctor. Patients love to refer to doctors that are able to include them in the healing process. What a "rush" it is for them to actually know what is happening to them and why. Communication, in chiropractic, is the cornerstone of what separates us from traditional medicine. Think about it, medicine has yet to find a way to explain how an aspirin works, let alone how to explain the mechanism of "why we hurt". I offer the following as a sample of an "in-house" piece of chiropractic education as to "the mechanism of why we hurt". Let this be a guide toward your unique way of approaching the topic.
Pain is probably the most persuasive method of getting our attention. Pain can weaken the strongest of men and deteriorate the soundest minds. But what do we really know about pain itself. There have been volumes of information written an the subject, all describing various types of pain by their respective symptoms. What is interesting to note is that few researchers address the more pressing question, which is, " I hurt?"

As chiropractors, we see pain and discomfort all the time. Chiropractors, over the years, have been so associated with pain, that the true purpose of our existence is being overlooked. The trouble with Chiropractic is that it works too well. One can easily find testimonials from thousands of people, describing long standing pain, gone within a short period of time. This phenomena baffles the mind because it doesn't seem likely that something as simple as adjusting the spine to remove nerve interference can make such drastic improvements in ones well-being. The most informed minds on the subject of pain, will acknowledge the assets of Chiropractic to pain but fail to comprehend the complexity of its mechanism. Pain is always the end product, never the cause, of an experience or episode that occurred within the body. Pain also exists as a last resort the body has in informing the conscious mind that something is malfunctioning. Pain is a complicated mechanism involving millions of nerve cells, hormones and chemical reactions, all interacting in an instant. It almost seems like the point of pain has a mind of its own.

An intricate network of afferrent (to the brain) and efferent (away from the brain) nerve fibers actually carry out the task of pain. For example, if you stubbed your toe, a short time lapse occurs between the impact and the pain. The afferent nerve fibers from your toe carries the message, "ouch", through the nerve, into the spinal cord, through a complex network of switches, all the way to the brain. The brain, in turn, processes the message, "ouch", and translates it into:
1- Damage done to part of the body...the toe,
2- Send out the repair crew..white blood cells, etc.
3- Bring fluid to the area to cushion further damage and immobilize the part for repair.
4- Send some pain to the area to remind the person that it needs time to recover.

The efferent nerve fibers now travel to their respective target areas. They make their journey back down the spinal cord, out the spinal nerves, which lie between the vertebrae of the spine itself, and out to the target areas. Naturally, this all takes place in an instant. The result is quite effective. This is an obvious pain related situation. However, what about those people who hurt not from the result of obvious impact or trauma? You see, the body never forgets what happens to it. It records all injuries, no matter how slight. The memory of past occurrences is stored in the brain for future recollection as a defense mechanism. The physical portion of the injury is stored, in part, within the shock absorbers of the spine, ie., the discs. The discs can be likened to a marshmallow, sandwiched between two vertebrae. Increase the compression or torque forces on the spine excessively and the marshmallow will react. Over time, the discs begin to wear, like shocks on a car, usually because of the shifting of the vertebrae. The abnormal shifting of vertebrae now stresses the discs further, which in turn, further alters structure until the body must react in order to survive...hence pain!

Spinal nerves carry both the afferent and efferent fibers and must pass between two vertebrae, which are held apart by the disc. As the degeneration of the disc slowly occurs, the vertebrae begin to compress. This puts abnormal pressure on the spinal nerves. It is fact that just 3 mm/hg. pressure on an unprotected nerve can decrease its function by 50%. This can result in numbness, tingling or pain. For a person to develop pain in the low back, down the legs or arms, with no apparent trauma to that area, is the result of nerve dysfunction to that area. The body reacts by sending warning signals to the area normally supplied by those nerves through their efferent fibers. In essence, the brain is sending pain messages to parts of the body without an obvious reason, like trauma, in an attempt to get help. Unfortunately, only about 10% of the body is listening. You see, the pain sensing nerves are called "sensory nerves" and occupy only 10% of the total nervous system. About 90% of the nervous system is "autonomic" or automatic nerves, which control body functions, like hormone production, digestion heart beat and other organ related functions, not pain sensations. As a result, when we say, "ouch, my toe hurts", remember that only 10% of your body is talking to you. The danger of pain is that we usually respond only when it is present and unfortunately, ignore non painful conditions.

Organs of the body do not, as a rule, feel pain. If the liver, kidney or heart are affected by nerve dysfunction, not until the organ itself malfunctions does the body react by producing symptoms. By this time the damage may already have been done. Chiropractic deals with both painful and non painful conditions at the same time. In fact, chiropractic deals with body "systems" not necessarily body "symptoms. By freeing the nervous system of interference, by correcting the structural misalignments called "subluxations", the pressure on both the Sensory and the Autonomic nerves are reduced. This frees the strangle hold on the nerves and allows the body, in general, to function better. Chiropractic can usually remove the reason for "why we hurt", simply by giving the body what it, no interference to nerve flow to and from the brain. Remember, chiropractic works because it can solve the mystery of "why we hurt", simply by removing its' cause.

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by Sal Martingano, D.C.

      Throughout the centuries, deadly diseases made the world seem to be a hostile place for human life. Mankind dreamed of a day when diseases could be eradicated.  It seemed that our bodies were unfit for this environment.  Plagues came and went, millions of people died, still the quest for survival hinged on the notion that somewhere out there was a magic potion that would stop it all.  Urbanization, of early cultures, was the way to pool resources by building large Mecca’s for trade and protection.  However, with urbanization came crowded facilities, over burdened sanitation and tainted water supplies, a perfect place to breed the very diseases they sought so hard to destroy. With the inevitable needs for new land and markets, the world began to populate outside the urban boundaries.  As it did, the great plagues of the world seemed to pass.  No one really understood the concept that disease-carrying organisms lived by the same natural laws as people did, in balance with nature.  When the balance is altered, the battle for survival begins.  Because of this very concept, there is documentation that the mortality rate from infectious disease in early Europe declined up to 90% before any vaccination programs were invented.  Bubonic Plague and Scarlet Fever disappeared before bacteria were discovered.   

The reason for this remarkable turn of events evolved as a natural by-product of better living conditions, better sanitation, water purification and a healthier lifestyle.  In other words, disease and mankind were once again in balance. With the evolution of better lifestyles came the time to ponder the science of our world.  Science is based on the premise that the world is predictable, like Astrology, Geology, Physics and Chemistry.  In Mechanistic thinking, for example, everything in our universe can be measured in a linear fashion.  Now, this may be true for inanimate objects like the stars and the Atom but is not true with living things.  Living things are unpredictable.  Vitalism, on the other hand, is the study of living things that have no definite pattern, unpredictable, adapt to change and defy scientific laws.  Yet, science claims it can control nature as well as the stars.  This colossal conflict in thinking is resulting in the internal destruction of the natural laws of living things. The classic example of this conflict is that science can predict the exact moment when the next cosmic collision of a meteor will occur with a planet, as it recently did with Jupiter. Yet science cannot predict what a vaccine will do to the body with any degree of certainty, even for one week. The reason for this is that living things have an Innate Intelligence, which defies the logic and description of science.  Therefore, attempts at controlling nature by science will ultimately cause chaos.  

Science got into the health care business, by way of vaccines, to kill disease.  Infectious diseases became the pet project of science. The scientific studies of infectious disease was like playing hide and seek with nature.  It began a sequence of events that mankind may never recover from. The intentions of scientists were noble but the continuous tampering with the microscopic creatures of our planet, led to a sense of conquest.  Little did science know that these microscopic armies of opportunistic organisms were not about to simply conform to man's wishes.  The fact is that infectious diseases affected both the vaccinated and the unvaccinated. Vaccines often lead to dangerous side effects. Being protected from infectious diseases, by vaccines, doesn't always mean the viral organism dies. They often mutate around the vaccines to form new infectious diseases, yet unknown to mankind.  For example, the Measles Vaccine has produced Atypical Measles; a very vicious killer variety of measles that only affects vaccinated children.  The unvaccinated, naturally protected children, get no such reaction. Like it or not infectious diseases play an important role in the maturation and adaptability of our immune system.  

The Laws of Nature are not always congruent with the Laws of Science.  To eradicate infectious disease is to stop natural maturation and adaptability.  For example, it is well documented in medical research that the proper development of a rash during measles is apparently important for the prevention of Cancer and degenerative diseases in later life. The Measles vaccine, of 1962, has therefore tampered with our body’s ability to resist cancer.  Immunized children of 20-30 years ago are now the highest risk groups for Cancer, Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis and other autoimmune diseases.  Just think, after nearly 50 years of Cancer research, it is now estimated that one in five people are likely to develop cancer.  Before vaccination programs the number was one in two hundred.  The same relationships are true for other autoimmune diseases. So strong are the benefits of natural childhood diseases, that a group of Swiss medical doctors formed a group, which questioned the efficacy of the Measles, Mumps, and Rubella (MMR) Vaccine.  They actually induced Measles in children with serious Kidney diseases.  The result was an improvement in their condition.  Also improved or disappeared were Asthma, Lupus and Eczema.  However, their most important finding was to question the suppression of fever.  They found fever to be the number one benefit in fighting infectious diseases in the body.  

An important reason to accept infectious diseases in childhood is a well-documented principle that the immune system must be primed and challenged, in the young, in order to protect them from the autoimmune diseases of later life. Science tends to view symptoms as if they were the disease itself.  Health care systems, outside of Western Allopathic Medicine, view symptoms as guidelines to understanding the disease process.  Rather than trying to suppress the symptoms, some cultures actually accelerate the symptoms to enhance the natural healing efforts of the body. Understanding the disease process, rather than controlling it, leads to a better acceptance of Natural Law.  Herring’s Law states "as disease passes from acute to chronic, the symptoms move from the surface to the interior." A vaccination, directly into the blood stream bypasses the acute phase and goes directly into the chronic phase where it there has the opportunity to attack the vital organs.  Once into a vital organ, the body is defenseless. Mechanistic scientific thinking allows modern medicine to produce vaccines to make antibodies for a specific disease. However, Vitalistic thinking says that the bodies natural immunity process not only defends the body from one disease but also applies its knowledge to other diseases not yet exposed too. Vaccinations are man's way of justifying its scientific knowledge.  

Science has always provided the answers from better living conditions, to space travel.  Man has yet to understand that science only holds the answers to what he can create.  That which has been created for him, however, is above scientific reproach.  Understanding what causes disease and controlling disease are two vastly different ideas.  The deadly diseases of the past are only gone today because of man's natural evolution through better living environments. There were no vaccines for the Bubonic Plague yet when the rats, which carried the deadly disease, disappeared from the torrid living conditions of the day, the disease-producing organism went with them.  The science of living cured the Plague not the science of medicine. Vaccines are scientific attempts at being defiant of nature’s ways.   

Nature has a wonderful way of bringing balance to the species.  Many of the dreaded new diseases we now face are nothing more than nature flexing her muscles against scientific tampering.  Aids, Cancer and other killer diseases could be nature’s way of bringing balance to the species for tampering, via vaccinations.  Nature does not exist to protect mankind, no more than it was to protect the dinosaurs.  Either conform to nature’s laws or perish.  There is enough technology today to deal with diseases on demand, if one so desires.  There is no reason other than greed and control to force a species into Natures disfavor. 

Mankind needs to protect itself naturally, by better adapting itself to the environment.  Vaccinations are micro attempts to disarm nature. Simply change your thinking from "getting sick" by childhood diseases, to "getting healthy" through childhood diseases, and you'll see that the only reason to vaccinate our infants and children is for the convenience of the parents and the fear of the unknown.  Children are prepared by nature to survive, through the priming of the immune system, when they are young. Just a quick review of the present status of Antibiotics and their ineffectiveness at stopping infectious diseases can document nature at work balancing the species.  How much longer will it take for us to see the same effect with vaccinations?  In fact, it's happening already.  For example, the only way to get Polio in this country today is through the Polio Vaccine itself.  The Smallpox vaccine was discontinued for the very same reason.  

  The choice is not Mechanistic Science versus Vitalistic Nature. We have earned the right to utilize both.  Our challenge is to learn when. Alternative health care professions like Chiropractic and Homeopathy are founded in vitalistic thinking.  Therefore, modern scientific, medical thinking does not recognize them.  Science has not yet found the mechanism to describe these professions.  By complimenting the body through Herbal preparations, nutrition and removing nerve interference by adjusting the spine, the body simply communicates better with itself.  Better neurological information from the brain to the body, no matter how it is achieved, automatically enhances a better immunological response.  Chiropractic really doesn't cure any diseases; a better functioning body will do it for us. The body will find its own level of healing that is congruent with natural laws.  Vaccines are unnatural to nature’s laws and can cause the destruction of the human immune system.   

History is proving that the short term successes of vaccines are being over shadowed by the long-term loss of the natural immune response to disease.  In other words, you can't fool Mother Nature.


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By Sal Martingano, D.C.

From a Chiropractic standpoint, medical problems do not have the same impact as they do for the medical community, however, occasionally the overlap is painfully obvious. Such is the case of the mysterious Gulf War Syndrome. Now I'm not going to bore you with the usual rhetoric about what the standard government line is about this situation other than to say that in my opinion it's no to be taken lightly. We're talking about an incredible weird, debilitating syndrome that is destroying the lives of those in the armed forces who served in the Persian Gulf during Dessert Storm. The reason why I'm talking about it now is that I have seen several patients that seem to have this Syndrome. Now, as I said earlier, Chiropractic doesn't treat disease; we treat nerve interference that disrupts the normal functioning of the body, including the immune system. However, this Gulf War Syndrome seems to cross the barriers between medicine and normal body function.

Both these patients are displaying problems associated with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. They can't get out of their own way half the time. Other problems are arthritic type joint pains all over, hearing loss, vision and memory loss, headaches, multiple unrelated skin rashes, muscle spasms, digestive problems, heart dysfunction's, low back and neck pains and a host of other problems. The point of this discussion, is to point out that these two patients and almost all of the others across the U.S. are experiencing the same type problems. Why is this happening to them and what is the common factors between them?

To do this we need to share a little research that I have done. First of all, this post war syndrome is almost painfully similar to the problems experienced by our Viet Naum vet. That syndrome involved Agent Orange. It also is similar to problems experienced by our Korean Vets and our WW2 vets. Forty years ago they lied about atomic radiation, Twenty years ago they lied about Agent Orange and today the Defense Department, I believe, is lying to Americans about the mysterious Gulf War Syndrome. I say this because each of these events involved the deployment of U.S. troops and with it, all of the experimental technology of the day to wage war. However, not all wars are fought with guns and bullets. Wars are also fought with biological ammunition. Unfortunately, biological weapons are invisible to the troops. They represent the scientific communities testing grounds for all the years of lab testing. Things like the effects of Radioactive Depleted Uranium on humans or the effects of man made "mycoplasmas" on human cells is not off limits during war. In short mycoplasma's are natural compounds found in all living cells and are responsible for changing the genetic make up of life itself. So, from a scientific viewpoint, experimenting with altering life itself is like trying to keep a kid from eating candy. However, these "top secret " experiments are the essense of what we know today to be biological germ warfare. (I know this is getting a little deep, butt bare with me and you will see the connection). It is my belief and the belief of many notable scientists and noble prize winning biologists that all these weird post wars syndrome are, in part the result of scientific tampering with life itself under the guise of WAR.

The problem with understanding these incredible devastating and mysterious syndromes is that it come with the "cloke and dagger" mentality of the old "mission impossible" series..... "Should you or any of your agents be disclosed, we will disavow any knowledge of your existence ". Well this actually happens in real life. Let me give you a few fact about the Gulf War you probably didn't know. The official death count for Americans killed in action was 148. The actual wounded was over 4,000 with over 40,000 still experiencing the effects of the war. These are not combat wounded, these are biologically wounded and many of them will surely die but not be listed as Gulf War deaths just like the tens of thousands who died from Agent Orange in Viet Naum will never be listed as combat deaths. It is also known that the Iraq was actively buying deadly biological and chemical agents from the U.S. up to six months prior to Dessert Storm. In fact, a Department Of Defense memo leaked out, that the U.S. stopped all trade with Iraq including weapon technologies used for war. Anyway, for our purposes let's just say that due to governmental gag orders placed on all of this "top secret" information, you will never hear about any of this on the evening news.

My point about all this information is that the post war effect on our human population due to biological tampering is just beginning. You see war allow countries to pull out all the stops. All the safeguards go out the window to protect our country. Unfortunately, to the scientific community war is the very vehicle necessary to "field test" all that they have learned. However, who are they testing on? Have you ever heard the military expression, "your soul may belongs to God but your Ass belongs to me". Well when you are a member of the Armed Forces, you virtually have no rights. For example, when you are faced with going overseas to a third world country, you are also faced with third world diseases not seen here in the U.S. Therefore, whether real or imagined, the D.O.D. has the right to use whatever biological means necessary to protect their soldiers. Unfortunately, this involves largely untested, unproven experimental vaccines, unknown to our people since the FDA has no reason to approve these vaccines for the U.S. In other words, the soldiers become the biological ginnea pigs for the scientific community. The problem, the D.O.D. doesn't have to warn or even explain anything about the experimental nature of these vaccines let alone the potential deadly side effects; It's simply one of the hazards of war.

I realize you must be asking yourself, what does all this have to do with Chiropractic anyway? Well, remember, I said I have two of these Gulf War Syndrome cases in my office now. These people came to me in excruciating pains in all their joints. Their muscles continually spasm, their immune systems are shot, they look old and worn. However just six years ago these were the finest specimens of human endurance. What happened to them? It is my opinion, and the opinion of many knowledgeable, respectable people, we are seeing the results of genetic tampering on the human species. These patients came to me out of desperation and pain. Remarkably, both patients have actually improved beyond their wildest expectation under Chiropractic care.

Are you aware of just what experimental vaccines were given to these service men and women? The following vaccine list came from my patients case histories. Bubonic Plague 3, live anti Malaria virus, Anthrax, Bocculism, unknown multiple gamma globulin shots, Yellow Fever, Typhus, a broad spectrum Flu assay shot, Smallpox, Polio, Dyptheria, Purtussus, and Tetnus all in one day. He remembers several of his buddies dropping to the ground minutes after the shots, never to be seen in his group again. Next they received Nerve Agent Pills to be taken 2x/day for the next 5 months along with anti biological warfare medications to be taken before each combat mission. Every time they were deployed to a new location they got a polio booster.... Now let me put this in perspective for you. 50% of these vaccines were not FDA approved. 60% are not allowed to be used on US soil. Nearly all of the vaccines are LIVE virus and bacteria with unknown reactions when in combination.

Now, in your wildest imagination, could you conceive of any possibility whereby the use of these untested, experimental vaccines could, in part, be responsible for the reactions we are now seeing, known as Gulf War Syndrome?

Could you accept the governments explanation for this syndrome as being Post Traumatic War induced? Please remember that nearly half of these cases never saw a single days combat. Could it be that we are once again being duped and lied too, for purposes of protecting scientific tampering with the human species?

Well, I don't think it's that far fetched at all. With the sudden onset of diseases like Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, ADD/ADHD, nearly 12 other autoimmune diseases like Lupus and even AIDS, none of these were even known until the vaccine programs began. I'm not one to spread fear or even talk about covert activities but it defies human evolution and scientific logic for strange mutated viral strains to develop out of no where, capable of threatening human life itself, like the latest outbreak of the Ebola virus, in of all places, Virginia, without human help. Don't you see that the strange unexplained diseases we are now seeing in children today, like ADD/ADHD and SIDS is no different than the Gulf War Syndromes experienced by our veterans. The one thing they each have in common is Vaccines. I have dozens of babies in my practice who are not vaccinated and have yet to get even a cold, while their vaccinated friends often suffer from chronic ear infections, colds, asthma and the like. This is not just a casual relationship either, this is a country wide phenomena in Chiropractic.

It is again just my opinion, but I am convinced that the human species was not designed to be something else. Genetic and biological tampering with the human species, by injecting foreign viruses, bacteria and other carcinogenic substances like mercury, formaldehyde and acetone, all used as stabilizers for vaccines, is simply incomprehensible. Yet, it's happening to our children every day, at least 11 in their lifetimes.

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by Sal Martingano, D.C.

Sounds like one of those Godzilla movies with "out of sync" Japanese voice tracks. But no, it's not a movie; it's a real life drama of nature's balance between mankind and microbe. Countless articles are showing up capitalizing on the biggest error in medical judgement ever committed...The Germ Theory. With the advent of Penicillin, back in the 1940's, the era of Antibiotics was born. This was touted as the beginning of the end for infectious diseases, according to the medical profession. In 1969, then Surgeon General Bill Stuart stated, "It's time to close the book on infectious diseases". Well, just 25 years later and only 50 years since Antibiotics' inception, nature is staging a comeback. It appears that it took nature just 50 years to counter our best shot at controlling infectious diseases by allowing its microscopic creatures, Bacteria and Viruses, to adapt to the antibiotics and create the environment for worldwide devastation. What went wrong, medicine asks? What went wrong was that medicine stopped working with nature and decided that it would control nature, for mankind. For years, medical science has denied the presence of an Innate Intelligence in nature, that phenomena which defies scientific description. Medicine opted to play with its' chemistry set and claim victory every time it could outsmart natural law. Well, it's time for nature to teach science a lesson or two. Unfortunately, it's at our expense.

Experts date the recognition of "The Revenge Of The Germ" back to the 1970's and 1980's, when strange appearances of microbes, formerly thought to be "controlled", suddenly began to produce new disease strains like: Lyme Disease, Legionnaires Disease, Toxic Shock Syndrome and of course Aids, just to name a few. These normally docile Bacteria and Viral microorganisms have mutated into unfriendly forms that now defy antibiotics. Since then, the rate of rebellion is quickening. In 1992, Tuberculosis formally eradicated has come back with a new antibiotic resistant strain. In December of 1992, 500 people became ill after eating Hamburger meat at "Jack in the Box", contaminated with a new resistant strain of our common intestinal bacteria, E. Coli. In March of 1993, over 400,000 people in Milwaukee, suffered acute intestinal dysfunction from Cryptosporidium, a normally docile parasite that ended up in the water system; 104 died. Another 44 Americans died in May of 1993, from respiratory failure caused by an unknown, drug resistant, new virus carried by Deer Mice. The medical journal JAMA, reported that drug resistant strains of Pneumococus Bacteria caused 1/2 million cases of middle ear infections in adults, in 1994 alone. These and other strange occurrences caused the CDC (Center for Disease Control) in Atlanta, to issue the statement, "the spectrum of infectious diseases is expanding and many infectious diseases once thought to be controlled are increasing".

Medical Historians are blaming these new diseases on population shifts, environmental turbulence and global travel. However, when you actually read the research articles, you'll find that the reasons for the increases in infectious diseases are blamed on the people. How we live, what we do and the way we do it is to blame. The CDC has decided to declare "war" on the germ for a second time, this time by proposing to spend 125 million dollars to:
1- Improve public health laboratories and train infectious disease specialists
2- Strengthen disease surveillance at the state and local levels
3- Work with the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the FDC to control food poisoning
4- Step up the programs for mandatory immunizations

They claim that this will allow science enough time to come up with a new generation of super antibiotics and immunizations. The simple question to ask at this point is, if antibiotics and immunizations did not get rid of the "germs" the first time, what makes them think new versions of the same thing will work now? In case you haven't noticed, childhood diseases are on the rise also. Medical reasoning is that people aren't complying with immunization schedules or that the rising use of day care centers is spreading diseases among children. Medicine believes that it is a false notion that the body can protect itself, naturally. It is my opinion that medical science has missed the point about the return of such germs. The so-called "Germ" has never left. In fact, if germs really caused disease, then doctors, teachers and day care personnel would be the sickest people of our population; they're not.

Why then do some people get ill and some do not in spite of exposure to the same germs? You see, it's easy to explain away antibiotic failures by deferring our attention away from the fact that the Innate Intelligence of the body and the adaptive powers of the microbes are all part of the same system. The "Germs" simply adapted to man's tinkering. It's easy to fool people into believing that somehow it's their fault that infectious diseases have returned. After all, science created the antibiotics; it is us that abuse them. Give it a Break! Let's stop the charade, once and for all. Science has failed to understand the concept of the Innate, adaptive powers of living things and now is paying for it. When something is not understood in science, it is selectively ignored. It is science who must now take responsibility for putting us at risk with nature's revenge. The idea of controlling diseases was a noble one but the shortsightedness of their victories were well known in the 1940's, when Jennings, the discoverer of Penicillin, stated that, "only the prudent use of Penicillin should be employed." Other scientists openly stated that antibiotics would not stop diseases forever. So, what we are now experiencing is not a surprise. Antibiotics, Immunizations and Drugs are at the end of their glorious era. The casualties of this era are yet to be tallied. Lives have been saved but at what price? The old Tuberculosis was supposedly cured; how come there is new Tuberculosis that now threatens us without any means of defense?

The increase in rare autoImmune diseases is unprecedented. Aids and at least nine other new, more lethal diseases are threatening mankind, itself. They are all drug resistant and defy scientific explanation. The Revenge of the Germ is far more than a "B Rated" re-run of the past. It is a whole new era of survival drama for mankind. Science is frantic to find new chemical defenses, when the answer was always in front of them, from the beginning. "There is an Innate Intelligence, that exists in all living things that guides the cells of the body to adaptability", D.D. Palmer, 1897. This concept is not new; it exists in all cultures. Yet, its simplicity escapes scientific explanation. Sadly, science gives the motives for medical and pharmaceutical profits. Natural or innate healing methods generate no profits; therefore, science has selectively ignored it.
Well, the time has come to begin a new era of health care thinking, which respects the adaptability of our species, and the microbes that co-exist. It's time to learn that sickness is not always bad. It sometimes serves the body as a primer for future adaptability. Colossal tampering by antibiotics, immunizations and drugs, stops the process of adaptability in lieu of a false worship to "The Church of Modern Medicine", Robert Mendelson, M.D., in his book, "Confessions of a Medical Heretic". It appears, in the end, that lives can be lost by both approaches but the real question is which approach will result in the survival of the species? It is my opinion, that by abiding by nature's rules of good neurological communication between the brain, immune system and all the cells of the body, through Chiropractic care, the body will work better. Whole foods, nutrients and natural healing herbs will give the body the best chance at healing itself.

Stopping adaptability through immunizations or trying to kill the infinite varieties of microbes, both friendly and unfriendly, through antibiotics, simply destroys the delicate balance in nature. "You can't fool Mother Nature", has great significance. Medicine is in the business of fooling Mother Nature. Each attempt at controlling the nature of healing is countered by an adaptive response by the body and its environment. Unfortunately, the only one being fooled is the fooler himself. We must learn from these mistakes in judgement, by not confusing what is right with what is expedient. Nature makes no allowances for good intentions or bad judgement. Unless we learn to live in congruency with the Innate Intelligence of the body, we will surely perish like a speck of matter in the wind.

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by Sal Martingano, D.C.  

From its’ beginnings, the chiropractic position has been that the body simply works better with a good nerve supply.  Regardless of the chiropractic school you graduated from or how strong a part chiropractic philosophy plays in your daily life, one thing is certain; the body always works better with an appropriate nerve supply. The question that always seems to arise is to “how much help does the body need to maintain an appropriate expression of health?”

            The parting of the ways came with the advent of “science” with regard to its resulting effect on medicine as a whole.  Scientific methodology appears to be how one explains that “appropriate expression of health”. Sure there is an Innate Intelligence that guides all living things to their maximum expression of life but few understand that same Innate Intelligence also guides all living things to death.  Science is mesmerizing in its ability to describe “how” and sometimes “what” takes place in life.  Most of us have rallied behind the advancements in science; the wonderful discoveries that have led to life saving gifts that mankind can use.  So strong is our allegiance to science, that we are even forgiving when science fails to succeed, falls short of expectations or at worst, kills the very life it tries to enhance.

            Medical science appears to be supremely pious, building monuments to its achievements.  Dr. Mendelson, in his book Confessions of a Medical Heretic, states, “medical science has its rituals” as he describes “the religion of modern medicine” and the “temples they worship in.” The problem is these rituals rival the very fabric of chiropractic.  Universal truth is that the body heals itself.  The Innate Intelligence of the body needs no help, only no interference.  It is at this juncture that the truth is revealed.  Medical science is not a substitute for the Innate wisdom of the body. 

The body can never be described fully by traditional scientific method. The reason is that the body has not been scientifically designed.  Science best describes and explains what has occurred, it neatly organizes its data and makes hypothesis based on that data.  The trouble is people often confuse hypotheses with truth.  Truth is always and eternal.  Hypotheses are mere best guesses.  The simplicity of this understanding leaves no doubt that medical science is not reliable enough to entrust “life” to.  Life beats to a different rhythm.  I make no pretense to know what that rhythm is but at the sub-atomic molecular level, that level presently know as Quantum Physics, answers appear to be more reliable.  At the molecular level, there are infinite choices to be made; choices that only the Innate wisdom of the body knows.  Scientific “puffery” is no match for infinite wisdom.  Simply put, when the scientific results are not those expected, go against the hypothesis or go completely astray, the best approach is often to simply ignore them.

            Never has this fact been so revealed as it has with vaccines.  People often forget that the difference between vaccines designed to offer resistance to disease and vaccines designed to inflict disease, lies in the intent of the researcher.  Well intentioned scientists, in their experimentations, often find additional ways to capitalize on their research.  Biological experiments that do not have the desired effect still have an effect.  In fact, this is the premise with biological warfare.  Biological agents are sometimes the result of scientific tampering or accidents. Vaccines are incredible concoctions of microorganisms, adjuvanent agents, and carcinogenic preservatives, cultured to produce apparent immunity to disease producing organisms.  The problem lies in the “one size fits all” mentality of medical science.  I’m not speaking of doses here, I’m referring to the arrogant belief that somehow the infinite choices that abound at the molecular center of every human being will somehow align itself, simply because the scientific intent is to make it so.

            Technology has advanced to the degree that the sanctity of life itself can be manipulated.  It is now possible to combine any portion of Deoxyribonucleic Acid, from any cell, from any species or organism.  Watson & Crick could never have imagined the scope of such accomplishments.  The result of such technology is that science had better be prepared to face the full scope of the infinite variety within Innate Intelligence.  How pompous to believe that medical science might someday “out think” Innate.  Innate doesn’t think! It simply acts appropriately to the forces of life as they are presented.  It has no more solicitude toward life than it does toward death.  It strives only toward the survival of the species.  Not to humanize Innate, but it would care less that something or someone is tampering with DNA.  Innate will simply do what is appropriate for the body to adapt to the new conditions, even if that adaptation means moving toward its destruction.  It may take science 50 years to figure out what Innate Intelligence did in the blink of universal time.  As it is now, microbes have evolved 50,000 years because of our 50 years of tampering. 

            What drives the vaccine machine?  Certainly, the compassion to eliminate killer diseases that have afflicted mankind throughout the centuries is a noble cause.  The “Black Plague” of the Middle Ages, the great influenza of the 1800’s, Smallpox and I’m sure you can fill in your personal favorite, combined to kill millions and stirred compassion to find a cure.  Many in our profession have expertly extolled on the intricacies of these diseases and pointed out that in every instance there was a pattern of great despair leading to many deaths and finally a decrease in the lethal effects of the disease; in most cases without any intervention at all.  Moreover, it’s been pointed out that Smallpox, for example, killed 1/3 of its victims yet it was highly contagious and lethal; what happened to the other 2/3rds?  Medical science conveniently fails to mention these survivors because they don’t fit the agenda of vaccines.  Edward Jenner discovered that scratching the skin with a small amount of Cowpox serum, often lead to limited immunity to the deadly Smallpox.  In experimenting with his family, his wife did not survive but his sons did.  His discoveries led to much of the vaccine research that we have today.

            Every vaccine program strives to appeal to the compassionate desire to save lives.  Surely, no one can dispute these motives.  However, having the luxury of historical records, if one cares to look, clearly demonstrates that EVERY contagious, infective disease follows the same waxing and waning patterns over time.  In failing to report such an incredible piece of information, medical science chooses to ignore that “the body develops immunity over time, without intervention.” Realizing this, what can we do in the interim to protect ourselves?

            Louis Pasteur gave us our present path by destroying the belief in natural healing.  He discovered the Germ Theory, stating that “microbes”, which he called Germs, cause diseases.  Unfortunately, Pasteur didn’t actually discover germs but had plagiarized the work of the researcher Antoine Bechamp, to suit his own needs. Bechamp spoke of “microzymas” or “little bodies” in his 50 years of research on fermentation and blood born organisms, which preceded Pasteur.   Pasteur’s inability to fully understand the concept that people thought he had created, led to the creation of modern day vaccine theory based on the false notions of their effect on “germs”.  In doing so, the next century of medical scientists became fixated on the “war against germs”.  Little did they know that “germs” didn’t actually cause disease. In their defense, it must have been hard to deny the hypothesis about germs causing disease, when every disease they discovered carried a different germ.  In hindsight, what they didn’t know was that microbes, however they are described, have a life force of their own, just like the host they infect.  As a result, they too are driven by an Innate force to survive.  Since there are incalculably more microbes than humans, going to war against a superior army, out numbered and with ions of survival tactics to draw upon, is not a very good idea if your survival is at stake.  However, since we are bigger than the microbes, the race to destroy the microbes began.

            They soon found that the enemy microbe is slick.  Very quickly chemicals and compounds were developed that destroyed the microbes and like the Gulf War’s superior smart bomb technology, soon led to bold statements like the victory speech in 1972 by the CDC that Smallpox has been eradicated from the earth. Soon after, the same speech was given about Polio.  Naturally, the vaccines were given the credit and all the people cheered.  However, every scientist entrusted to the pharmaceutical industry’s war on disease knew that the enemy was not gone, it simply couldn’t be found.  The ions of adaptive knowledge have served the microbes well.  What had happened was that microbes simply mutated over time.  What used to be a certain type microbe, accepted the chemical onslaught of vaccine bombs and simply mutated to a more resistant microbe.  This is Innate Intelligence at it’s best. It only proves that B.J. was correct in his descriptive analysis of Innate Intelligence.  While medical science beats its chest in victory, the microbes simply raise the stakes.  This is not the forum to discuss the rise of new diseases like Aids, Lupus, Alzheimer’s, Autism, Tourettes and the host of what is now known as “auto immune diseases”, but let it be said that the war on germs is going the same way as the war on guns, drugs, crime and now the war on terrorism.  These wars seem to have no end and are examples of not knowing your enemy. 

            In the year 500 B.C., a Chinese general and philosopher by the name of Sun Tzu wrote a treatise called “The Art of War”.  It has been translated into just about every language in the world and has become a classic military and political strategy.  I suggest that it also become part of the medical science lexicon.  Sun Tzu said:

“If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of

 a hundred battles.  If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every

 victory gained you will also suffer a defeat.  If you know neither the enemy

 nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.”

I contend that medical science knows itself but not the enemy.  If Sun Tzu is correct, for every victory gained, a defeat will be suffered; so it appears to be.  

            This is why the war on disease will never be won by present day medical science.  They don’t know their enemy.  Further, the vaccine programs, which represent the proverbial bombs of war, are portrayed as “peace keeping bombs”.  In order to keep the peace within the human species we will wage war against microbes.  Sometimes medical science intensifies the war by giving names to diseases that conjure up fear in the people.  For example: the Swine Flu, the Asiatic Flu, the Russian Flu and others, all have names having nothing to do with their origins, except that they can be seen as foreign invaders that we must take action against.  This is not the U.N. we are talking about.  We can’t simply transfer responsibility of understanding our enemy to a power force that has no idea what they are dealing with.  The enemy “Germ” that Pasteur described turns out to be responsible, in part, for our own well being.  It is part of our life cycle and occupies every aspect of our existence.  How smart is it to fight with yourself?

            Chiropractic philosophy is not about the correction of human illness.  Don’t confuse getting well with being well.  It is uniquely suited to set up a second choice for “what to do in the meantime to protect ourselves”.  Vaccines’ Grand Deception is that their war on disease will never be won by chemical and biological tampering with the Innate forces of life.  A 1.3 trillion dollar health care budget, without an understanding of the enemy, is futile.  Our philosophy clearly tells us that we will never be protected from disease by fighting the disease.  Knowing the enemy, in this case, means accepting the fact that disease causing microbes are microbes that have evolved beyond our capacity to adapt to them.  All the vaccines in the world will not change that.  However, knowing the enemy means creating the environment to better resist their onslaught.  The body works better with a good nerve supply, is a phrase repeated “ad nauseam”.  Yet, in spite of its simplicity, it is rarely understood by medical science because they have been taught to add disclaimers.  These disclaimers often fall into the category of vaccines, (just in case). 

            The prudent use of medical science, in emergency situations, is hardly as glamorous but at least the risk of miscalculating the enemy is offset by the damage you know the enemy can cause.  The emphasis needs to be on finding the way to adapt, since we, not the microbes, are the new kids on the block.  The Grand Deception is that vaccines effectively stop, not enhance, the adapting process.  This is a war that can never be won.  Putting the body on hold, to offset the effects of “chickenpox” and the like, for example, is increasing the likelihood that the relentless tampering with the life for or our “symbiotic” enemy will one day fulfill a prediction made by George Orwell in his classic novel entitled, 1984. The novel was a satirical prediction of what the world might be like far in the future. He wrote about government gone astray but if we substitute “medical science” for “government” the story doesn’t change at all.  Orwell envisioned that, if governments (medical science) continued to expand their power as they were then doing, eventually, they would evolve into a global police state (medical monopoly). He described the methods that would be used to keep the masses from rebelling. Thought control was the primary method, but one of the ways they accomplished that was to be constantly at war. In time of war, the populace will accept any hardship and make any sacrifice to defend the homeland. However, to have war, it was necessary to have an enemy, and that enemy had to be despicable in the eyes of the homeland defenders. Atrocities had to be committed and many lives had to be lost. But it was equally important to avoid winning the war – otherwise, the hardships imposed by the state would no longer seem reasonable to its subjects.

            I suggest that as eerie as this novel was, Mr. Orwell may have aptly described the present state of medical science and its’ war on microbes.  It has been said that foretold is forewarned.  We must not participate in a war that was never meant to win.  The fight against microbes must not dominate our pursuit for health; the survival of humankind depends on it.  Instead push forward, as George Orwell suggests, for “the hardships imposed by the state (medical science) will no longer seem reasonable to its subjects”.


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By Sal Martingano, D.C.

Occasionally, I get the chance to watch a training video or participate in a professional seminar designed to enhance the skills of the amateur or weekend sportster.  It’s such a pleasure to see the pro’s effortlessly go through their rituals time and again; demonstrating proper “form” that ultimately improves their “function”.  How to properly present a fishing bait to a waiting bass or how to properly chip out of a sand trap suddenly takes on the strategy and appearance of a well rehearsed play.  Every move is calculated and practiced over and over until it can be faithfully duplicated to perfection.  Then it’s your turn; you go through the steps, you set your strategy, you practice over and over but somehow something is missing.

There is a well respected belief that “practice makes perfect”.  The idea is that if your form is perfect and you practice diligently, the result should be perfection in terms of your function.  The concept is simple enough but it’s not complete.  The real concept is: practice, plus reflection makes perfect.  There is an old saying that states: “If you do the same thing you always do, you’ll get the same results you always get.”   This is what I sense most people do while watching “self help” videos on golf.  Sure the pro’s make it look easy but what they are not showing you is that every choreographed move is reflected upon to determine if what they did, matched what they set out to do.  If not, minor tweaks and corrections are made, then practiced again until perfection is achieved.

Sounds good right? Well what if I told you that in spite of the “reflection” and corrections you may never achieve perfection.  Form and function can only be achieved if your body is capable of faithfully carrying out the commands of your mind.  How well do you take care of your golf clubs?  How often do you buy new golf shoes?  Most of us would say, oh you have to take care of your equipment or it will not give you good service.  What do we do to insure that our “form” is directly responsible to our functional capabilities?  How do we know if we are actually performing the game plan set forth by our mind?  You see, this is the one variable that a video cannot teach.  Professional lessons give you a better “hands on” approach to the game but how sure are you that your body is capable of following your instructions?  One quick way to tell is to determine what you want to do, then try to reflect on the entire event.  Remember, practice plus reflection makes perfect.  If you can’t recreate the event in your minds eye, you didn’t do it as planned. 

Ever watch a professional act out his move before he performs it?  At the instant he strokes the ball, he knows what the results are likely to be.  If not, you see a pensive look on his face trying to reflect on his error. 

So far, we are talking about the mechanics of the game. However there is more to the game than mechanics. What if your body cannot perform as you instruct?  What if all the practice and reflection in the world does not improve your performance?  You’ve exhausted all your excuses including the dull spike on you golf shoe but to no avail.   Well take heart, your dilemma may be easier to correct than you think.  I can tell you with absolute authority, that if your body is experiencing interference in the way it communicates information from your brain to the rest of your body, practice will simply make more practice.  Did you know that every movable vertebrae in your spine, all 24 of them, MUST work in harmony before you do?  Did you also know that there is an “innate” body intelligence that is responsible for how you do what you do?

There are probably no secrets in Golf that haven’t been revealed as yet; perhaps none that would make a cataclysmic change in your game.  However, there is one secret that could make a definitive improvement in your game without looking at another video.  Having a Chiropractor check your spine for misalignments, called “subluxations” that ALWAYS interfere with the normal transmission of nerve energy from the brain, can improve your function and your form.  It’s really simple to understand; your body always performs better with a good nerve supply.   Did you ever have a faulty sparkplug wire in your automobile?  The car looks good, you just changed the oil, and you put the best gas you can find in the tank for top performance, yet the engine runs like crap.  Nothing is going to improve your cars performance until you change that sparkplug wire.  Likewise, your body can’t improve on its form or function, in Golf or any other activity, until you do a little maintenance on your electrical “nervous” system. 

If you are noticing that nothing seems to improve your game or you can’t visualize or reflect on what you have just done, maybe it’s time to take a quantum leap forward in your thinking.  Try Chiropractic; it is safe and effective, is drug free and only has one side effect; better performance.  Getting a spinal “tune up” may not get you a spot in a foursome with Tiger but it will let you in on one of his secrets; he and almost every golf pro on the circuit have regular spinal check ups.  Maybe you missed that on the video. 

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By Sal Martingano, D.C.

Ever wonder why your game varies so much from day to day?  If you have been reading these articles over the past few months, you have been privy to little know secrets of the human body that don’t come with instructions and are not illustrated on instructional videos.  Golf is no different than any other sport that requires only the skill that you can muster and master.  Non- team sports truly test your ability to be consistent and focused since, when the round is over, all you have to talk to is your scorecard and a memory.  There are no locker room meetings, no strategy sessions and pep talks or even cheerleaders to make you want to “drive one for the Gipper”.  No, it’s just you and that little ball and the only connection between them is your club and your ability to deliver the goods.

On the surface, it appears that practice and occasional lessons are the only ways to improve your game.  A deeper look into “what it takes” leads us into the mysterious world of how the brain processes all this information in the first place.  You might ask; “What does this have to do with improving my golf game?”…….well, just about everything!   We, as recreational players or even for some of you scratch golfers, concentrate on the outside essentials of good golf; things like proper lift on the back swing while resisting the temptation to raise your head at the moment of contact……you know, the stuff.  However, did it ever occur to you that you have to “get in the mood” before any of this can happen. 

Getting in the mood is serious business.  Ever try to cut your grass when you know an NFL playoff game just started?  Try to accomplish or master any business activity or sport when your brain is elsewhere and you will soon join the ranks of the unemployed and frustrated.  Let’s take it one step further, how about getting intimate as well?  Now, before you think I’m about to break into a chorus of Lady Chatterley’s Lover, let me get to the point. 

As a chiropractor, my philosophy of the body is simply that “the body works better when the brain is in intimate communication with every cell of the body”.  Did you know that there are specific “gateways” to the information stored in the brain?  These gateways are opened and closed by what you think and how your body perceives those thoughts.  Knowledge and your ability to express that information accurately, is therefore dependant on how well you can convince your brain to access the data.   To the casual observer, accessing the information can be done by simply thinking about it and voil’a…it’s there.  However, that information is generally only what is needed to get the job done.  The full file of information along with the internal tutorials is only accessed with a special “code”.  That code is accessed by “getting in the mood” and facilitating all the nerve pathways to that information in order to make it look easy.  In other words, specific “gateways” exist to feed you information on “the need to know basis”.

Wouldn’t it be interesting if you can access the gateway to your full file of golf information before you begin your game?  You can; in fact, if you want to see it in action, observe a pro from the time he leaves the clubhouse to the first tee.  He is slowly but surely “getting in the mood”.  The “gateway” is pre-programmed to open the full file as soon as he can convince his brain he’s ready.  Once the gateway is opened, the rest is automatic.  Think about it; do you think you can hit a 300 yard drive perfectly with people lined up on the fairway watching your every move, unless you were on automatic? 

I know that each of us has the capability of playing extraordinary golf.  There are, of course, genetic mutants that will probably be better off going fishing but accessing information and performing at higher potentials is doable.  The key is to insure optimum body performance.  The job of the “gateway” is to access the highest level of raw data for you to use.  Getting in the mood is the way you get to the data but pulling it off is another matter.  As I mentioned in previous articles almost all the pros access the services of chiropractic care.  Why, because performance is directly responsible to allowing all that wonderful raw data to be used properly by your musculo/skeletal system.  For this to occur, being “in the mood” is not enough.  In short, the body works better with a good nerve supply than one that is deficient.  The ultimate factor in the success of your game is having a body that follows your directions to perfection.   Chiropractic offers that opportunity and can truly be the missing link in the puzzle; everything else can be learned, nerves have to be maintained, just ask a pro.  Once you understand these concepts you can use “getting in the mood” for…..other things as well !

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By Sal Martingano, D.C.

Recently, I’ve been reading articles on the awakening that has taken place in the game of Golf.  More television time than ever is being devoted to the major tournaments around the world.  Names like Fuzzy, Chi Chi, the “Babe”, no, not Ruth but Babe Zaharius of the 1950’s LPGA fame and now Tiger have become household names in the world of golf.  The American public can’t seem to get enough of that little round ball.  As a child, I remember my father and uncle passing by Dyker Golf course in Brooklyn, New York on a rainy day.  We were on our way to go fishing.  My dad commented, “Look at those nuts on the golf course, chasing that little ball around in the rain, what possible enjoyment can you get out of that?”  Of course, the golfers on the course were probably saying the same thing about us as we drove by with fishing poles hanging out the window.  The point is that golf has come a long way since the days of wood shaft clubs and many of us fisherman have joined the “nuts” on the golf course, even in the rain.

Golf has also caught up with the technology of the day.  Titanium clubs, space age materials for the balls and the “sweet spot” on the clubface are all standard issue.  Highly manicured courses, designed by the legends of the game, are now the standard in the industry. Media coverage for the game has become outstanding.  I remember watching golf on TV as a youngster.  All I heard was a “swoosh” as the golfer hit his driver, and then watched nothing but sky for 30 seconds until the camera found where the ball landed.  Now the cameras are so sophisticated that you can almost see the dimples on the ball in flight.  Absolutely nothing is left to the imagination any longer.  Golf has truly come of age.

With more demanding courses and almost weekly tournaments available for the pros to participate in, Golf has become ever more demanding on the body as well.  It has been long known that most Olympians now travel with a team chiropractor as part of their health care team.  Maybe you didn’t know; but chiropractors are also on board with professional baseball, basketball, soccer and WWF wrestling.  Athletes of all walks of life are experiencing the benefits of regular chiropractic care.  Most viewers assume that these athletes just seem to go like the “energizer bunny”, week to week in top condition.  Nothing is further from the truth.  Athletes must put on a show for their audiences.  Poise, confidence, consistency, stamina, are all traits that have to be maintained or the pros lose their “super human” status in the eyes of the public (as well as their advertising contracts).

The August 17 /PRNewswire, reported a story about professional golfers using chiropractic on a regular basis.  Dr. Tom La Fountain is a chiropractor that travels with the PGA tour and regularly is seen providing chiropractic to the pros.  Dr. La Fountain reports that up to 85% of the injuries on the PGA Tour and Senior Tour relate to the spine, and about 70 – 75% of those golfers receive regular chiropractic care. 

The August 21, 2000 issue of the Salt Lake Tribune reported that senior pro golfer Doug Tewell was delayed entering the Senior PGA Tour due to spinal problems.  Tewell injured his back while playing golf with his son in Oklahoma.  The injury kept him in bed for 3 days and required the use of a walker for 2 weeks.  On the recommendation of fellow pro Bob Tway, Tewell decided to see a chiropractor.  His comments in the Tribune article summed up his reactions, “the most incredible thing, just a few little adjustments,” Tewell said. “I thought I had met Oral Roberts.” 

Professional women golfers also utilize chiropractic.  Dr. David Stude, a chiropractor and associate professor clinician at Northwestern Health Sciences University, lectures across the country with Lisa Masters, an LPGA golf pro, emphasizing the importance of chiropractic care for golfers.  Dr. Stude states, “Normally, each vertebra in the spine moves independently a certain number of degrees when our whole body is involved in an activity.  If that is not happening, for example, if two or more segments move as a whole unit, rather than moving independently, it can lead to a kind of vertebral dysfunction and often, a neurological complication called, the Subluxation Complex.”

With golf participation on the rise, more demands will be placed on your body as well.  Remember, you can take all the lessons you want; buy the very best equipment available and hit the course in your best spiked shoes; none of it matters if you can’t strike the ball with consistency and accuracy.  When all is said and done, it all comes down to you.  Is your body up to the task or not?  Good golf is a product of mastering the basics and being consistent.  Great golf is doing what the pros do.  They depend on proper communication to all body parts.  Chiropractic is becoming part of that formula, why……..because it works! 

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by Sal Martingano, D.C.

It is the dream of every serious golfer to be able to follow the directional plan set forth by that inner voice that says, “now just relax, keep your head down, let the club direct the ball, follow through and get ready to receive your congratulations from the foursome.“  You’ve heard that voice a thousand times and rehearsed the rituals over and over in your head; yet somehow, when all is done, the communications broke down.  You chalk it up to more practice needed, the wind was too strong, your glove was too tight or you just had a bad day. 

Does this sound familiar?  Well the rituals may be different but every serious sport enthusiast experiences the same thing.  Why can’t you get your body to simply follow the directions of your brain?  What occurs between the thought and the implementation?  Why can’t you get it right and be consistent?  If you are nodding your head about now, you are in for a surprise.  Guess what…..It may not be your glove or any of the other excuses you console yourself with.  Maybe it’s in your spine.

Over the years I’ve worked with numerous professionals in sports like tennis, bowling and golf.  These are single participant sports that rely solely on your ability to execute the wishes of your brain.  Professionals are far more consistent with their game than most of the week end duffers yet they too occasionally fall prey to episodes of non-compliance.  Why does this occur and what can be done?  To the professional taking one or two strokes off their game or adding 5 pins to their average, requires quantum changes.  Yet under Chiropractic care this and much more is possible without changing a single thing. 

The answer is in knowing what Chiropractic can do.  Every thought or action you have requires millions and millions of neurons to fire in synchronization.  These neurons are part of the central nervous system and are responsible for ALL body activity.  Any interference in that communication highway will result in functional losses.  Chiropractic is not really about your pain as much as it is about your life.  When nerves lose their ability to faithfully pass along messages from the brain, your performance suffers; your timing is off, your perception changes and most of all you’re just not sure where the loss is coming from.  It’s like talking into a microphone with a plastic bag over it. 

Perhaps through some twist of fate you are introduced to Chiropractic care.  The reasons may be varied but to your surprise your golf game is suddenly taking a turn for the better.  Why you ask?  The only difference in your life is the Chiropractic care; could this somehow be responsible?  The answer is usually yes.  However the reason is not what you expected.  You thought the Chiropractor was going to stop your neck from getting so stiff but what you didn’t know is that removing spinal interference not only improves joint mobility but also improves the neurological transfer of information from the brain to every cell in your body.  The result is that for the first time your body is faithfully following the directional plan of the brain without effort.  You can suddenly follow through without forcing it, your stroke becomes effortless and it doesn’t matter what glove you’re wearing.  You’ve finally got your act together.  The result is that you take several strokes off your game. 

Every professional or serious sports participant I’ve ever worked with has told me this story.  The reason why this occurs with such regularity is that the body works better with a good nerve supply than one that is interfered with.  Along with the added benefits of proper joint mobility and muscle tone, you are looking at the perfect secret weapon……yourself !  The secret is that there is no secret.  Chiropractic consistently allows the body to express itself at a higher level.  Professionals are aware of this wonderful gift and take full advantage of it.  Did you know that nearly every professional in sports today either travels with a Chiropractor or has access to Chiropractic along their routes, as part of their healthcare team?  Every professional wrestler or baseball team has a Chiropractor on board.  Every Olympic sports team, travel with their own Chiropractor.  You may not see them, but they are there.  I know, I’m one of them.

The point is that Chiropractic is not a subset of medicine and in fact, is not an alternative to any form of healthcare.  Chiropractic removes nerve interference that may exist in the spinal column.  In doing so it enhances ALL bodily functions, therefore allowing the body to perform at a higher level of its potential. 

As with all things of lasting value, it’s the simplicity that makes it unique.  If you are a golfer who would like to check out what your true potential can be, give Chiropractic a try.  You can pay for lessons to improve your technique but execution is another matter.  Proper execution is an “innate function” that can be faithfully duplicated.  Either you have it or you don’t.

Perhaps Chiropractic can help bring out the “innate function” in you.  

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